Joe Biden APOLOGIZES for Racial Profiling Blacks

As with Elizabeth Warren who sort of apologized for using Indians to get ahead in life, Joe Biden does his mea culpa with black people.

Joe Biden wrote the book on crime and punishment. And like Hillary Clinton, Biden believe in “super predators”. And why shouldn’t he, when Democrats did such a fine job of creating them.

Now that the presidency appears falsely within reach, Biden needs to clear the deck. He knows Trump won’t let him slide on his targeting of blacks. Trump will make Biden wallow in his heinous past.

So in order to get in front of things, Biden now understands his evil ways. And he’s willing to own his wrongs.

According to The New York Times, Biden declared called his support of tough-on-crime drug legislation three decades ago a mistake. And that mistake disproportionately affected black Americans.

In remarks at a Washington, D.C., breakfast honoring Martin Luther King’s birthday, the former vice president — first elected to public office the year after King’s assassination —  said more was expected of him.

How could he know the ramification of laws surrounding powder cocaine and crack cocaine. All he knew was white people used cocaine and blacks used street crack.

“It was a big mistake that was made,” Biden said of the measure, which was criticized as disproportionately affecting black Americans. “We were told by the experts that ‘crack, you never go back,’ that the two were somehow fundamentally different. It’s not. But it’s trapped an entire generation.”

These are likely the same experts who counseled him and Obama on global climate change.

Biden knew the deal.

Coke was for white boys, and crack was for dumb blacks. Biden knew then what he was doing, and he knows now what he is doing. And black Leftists will be dumb enough to believe his lies and nonsense.

I hope Trump frees all these blacks incarcerated due to Biden’s legacy, and calls it, “Biden’s Blunder”.

Then-Senator Biden helped write the 1994 crime bill. In retrospect, historians cite the bill for leading to an era of mass incarceration. As for Biden, he believes he can sweep this under the rug with his new admission of guilt.

Biden conceded, he “may not have always gotten things right” in regard to criminal justice. Is that all you got wrong, Joe?

Even Stevie Wonder knows what’s happening.

Joe Biden is about to throw his hat in the ring for the presidency. This is a test for the black Leftist community, and will they support him. If Biden gets little push-back, he will run for president. If black people revolt against him, he will gracefully bow out. Because without the “silly Negro” vote, no Democrat can win.

Interestingly, Biden has the most heinous past in dealing with blacks and about any other ethnic minority. The man’s past in dealing with minorities is horrendous, thus his need to cleanse himself. Biden wants his faults in the open now to see if the water turns red with his blood.

Anybody think Biden will be accused of racism over this? His policies were hell on black people.

I can only imagine what Leftist would say if Trump tried to apologize for such an atrocious past. Trump would be accused of targeting blacks for sport, and forced to take a public beating before scurrying down some rat hole.

But not much has been said about Biden. And my bet is Biden will get little to no push-back on this.

Leftists will consider it water under the bridge. No matter how many blacks were hurt, Biden skates.

That said, Biden has NO CHANCE of ever being president. While blacks may not target the clown, his party won’t let him in. The day rich old white men being chosen as Democrats is over, at least for now.




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