Leftists Admit: Pelosi CAVED on Shutdown

When you’re dealing with Donald Trump, one can’t think linearly. And Trump confounded the Democrats again.

He opened the government. But only temporarily. So the question on the minds of Democrats and even some Republicans is what does this mean.

It means Trump just suckered the Democrats, because they have now agreed to negotiate on border spending, including the infamous “barrier”; ok, yes the WALL.

What did these putzes get for their efforts? A three-week reprieve from Trump getting what he campaigned on.

For those wondering, the first sign of Trump ONE, Pelosi ZERO came with Pelosi saying she won’t give $1 of funding for this wall unless the shutdown ends. Anybody think she didn’t mean ending the shutdown FOREVER? But we are to believe Pelosi now wants to negotiate with only a temporary shutdown?

Ok, I’ll play along.

But what of Trump’s “trump card”? He repeated his potential course of action in declaring a national emergency in the event the Democrats crawfish on their promise. Now, because he temporarily ended the shutdown, he possesses the political coverage to do so.

And why would Trump go native on Democrats and declare the need for a border wall a matter of national security? Because he doesn’t trust the Democrats, and for good reason, too: Democrats love breaking deals.

As William Tassani wrote:

Re: Aug. 1 column by Eugene Robinson, “Immigration Reform, GOP Needs to get on Board”

One of the reasons the Republican party’s paralysis on immigration reform, is the distrust they have for the Democratic party.

You summarized your opinion on your closing statement. I quote: “Republicans love to forget Ronald Reagan was responsible for the last big amnesty to undocumented immigrants, back in 1986.

Sir, you failed to mention President Reagan signed the law re: Amnesty to 20 million immigrants with one caveat. It was a promise by the Democratic congress to secure the southern border. They reneged on their promise.

An estimated 20 million illegal Democrat voters later, and Pelosi and Schumer will try to “rinse and repeat” the Reagan run-around.

Of course Trump knows their tactics. And he made sure to cover his ass by saying the military will build the wall, if the Democrats attempt any subterfuge.

But the Democrats lost another battle.

They tried so hard to make issue with government workers not getting their money. And nobody noticed, really. The average American certainly didn’t care. But Trump still took the Democrats ball away from them and went home.

Now government workers get their salaries, so that emotional angle ends now. And though it’s only for 15 days, Democrats have nothing to say about people dying by lack of paycheck. So now what?

Now, they either fork over the money to build the wall. And btw, the next shutdown will be the fault of the Democrats.

And what does Trump want?

Trump defends the American people by addressing multiple issues with immigration reform.

Consider this Leftist-made humanitarian crisis that has been happening since the Reagan Era. Trump and most Americans understand that the invasion must be stopped. All other illegal immigration problems come from the border wall issue.

So, human trafficking, drug smuggling, terrorism, and other heinous crimes that emanate largely from illegal entry into the U.S. must be dealt with. Democrats already find it difficult to talk around these very real issues.

But Trump has one more advantage, and it involves the drain of illegals on our society. The numbers don’t lie, although Democrats do.

Understandably, it’s difficult for anyone to argue against any of these points, much less all of them. So now Democrats must prove they want comprehensive immigration reform, and that means border security. Without the wall, Democrats give Trump all the materials to build a skyscraper except the foundation.

Trump is smart enough not to fall for the trap Democrats set for Reagan.

Now all of America sees that the president made a good-faith offer. Democrats have argued President Trump’s position in the past, and Trump sweetened the deal.

Democrats blinked. And now they must negotiate with the man who may very well be the best negotiator in presidential history.

Clearly many Democrats agree with President Trump, as dozen of rank-and-file Democrats  reached out to the Administration signaling their willingness to provide the foundation for border security when the government reopened.

Below is a list of Democrats and their comments on the border wall.

  • Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL): “I can tell you we have had fencing in the past and I’m sure we will in the future.”
  • Sen. Angus King (I-ME): “There are places along the border where wall makes sense” And “Everybody is for border security. The question is, let’s do it in a rational, economic, sensible way. There are places where wall makes sense …”
  • Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-OR): “Some fencing has uses. Some barriers are useful.”
  • Sen. Ben Cardin (D-MD): “Certainly you need barriers and we support barriers.”
  • Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA): “I know we’re going to have to add additional border security…. We’ve got about 700 miles of existing fencing. Where folks say we need additional barrier protections, I’m all for it.”
  • Sen. Chris Coons (D-DE): “I personally don’t think that a border wall is in and of itself immoral.”
  • Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY): “There are areas along the border where there are currently fences that are put up or barriers that are put up that need to be enhanced.”
  • Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA): “Increase Border Patrol agents. Increase enforcement of overstay of visas. Increase use of technology and yes fencing where there are vulnerabilities.”
  • Rep. Cheri Bustos (D-IL): “If we have a partial wall. If we have fencing. If we have technology used to keep our border safe. All of that is fine.”
  • Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-MD) When asked about a wall working responds “Obviously they work”.
  • Rep. Debbie Dingell (D-MI): “You would be surprised at the amount of money people are willing to put into border security and it would contain many things. … If there are places that some kind of barrier should be part of it, then that’s part of it.”
  • Asked if the Democratic House leadership is willing to spend $5.7 billion on a wall or border security, House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn (D-SC): “We may be, so as long as there’s supporting evidence that that’s what’s required.”

So Democrats can claim victory in reopening the government. That’s their only win in this negotiation.

But the president and America gets the bigger prize. Because unlike Reagan, Trump prevents the constant flow of illegal and Democrat voters. And if the government must be shut down again, Trump gets a pass.

The Democrats chose the wrong hill to die on. And that’s why Pelosi caved.

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