Produce Ruth: America Wants Proof-of-Life for RBG

Where is Ruth Bader Ginsburg?

America deserves to know the truth. But Democrats have Ruth Bader Ginsburg staying at “Bernie’s”, as in Weekend at Bernie’s.

Serving in the Supreme Court for life means showing up to work. But as the Daily Caller reports, Democrats seem to be hiding Ginsburg.

After Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s recent hospitalization and surgery to remove “two cancerous nodules” from her lung, the media can’t get their stories straight about her health, or lack thereof.

Is this new lung cancer, on top of her history of pancreas and colon cancer? Or is it metastatic cancer from elsewhere in her body? Is she healthy and cancer free or does she have stage four cancer, with an extremely poor prognosis? Can she resume her duties as a Supreme Court justice, or will she be soon retiring? Or worse?

I went on record recently saying that Ginsburg will not return to the SCOTUS. Also, I don’t think her health will get her through Black History Month.

It’s her third cancer scare. But in this last bout remember she fell and broke three ribs. That’s how they discovered the cancer. Imagine if doctors do any more looking around in that 85-year old carcass.

However, as The Daily Caller article continues, we see the ruse of Leftists:

Members of the media are in lockstep, pushing the narrative that Justice Ginsburg is in great health. Why, she’s almost ready to resume her famous RBG workout that “nearly broke” a Politico reporter young enough to be Ginsburg’s grandson.

CNN reported the official statement from the Supreme Court, “Post-surgery evaluation indicates no evidence of remaining disease, and no further treatment is required.”

Nice try, media. They may have excised the cancer. But that doesn’t mean the worst is over.

How quickly does an 85-year old heal from three broken ribs and lung cancer surgery. At this point, she’s must be breathing like an emphysema sufferer sucking through a coffee stirrer.

As Brian Joondeph rightfully points out, there are two ways to look at the media reports.

“No evidence of remaining disease” could simply mean that they removed the two cancerous nodules they found on a lung scan after her recent fall. If these nodules represent cancer that spread from her previous colon or pancreas cancer, the doctors removed what they found in her lungs.

This doesn’t speak for cancer that might have spread to her liver, brain or bones.

“No further treatment is required” might imply that she is cancer free. It could also suggest the opposite, that she has metastatic cancer that is no longer treatable, other than hospice care, and that further treatment is futile at this point, hence not required.

The media were giddy with excitement that the liberal lion of the court was ready to get back to her job of thwarting President Trump. TMZ caught a glimpse of her, “emerging for the first time” from her Washington, D.C., apartment. CBS reported that her recovery is “on track” with “no sign of remaining cancer.”

A glimpse?! Whatever.

That could have been a body double. Ok, not likely; but it certainly could have been created by a Hollyweird special effects technician.

I want to see RBG in public, or we get the authorities to look into this.

Leftists want RBG to hold on for at least a year. They figure Congress can thwart Trump from making another appointment to the courts. Don’t worry, as Trump will replace Ginsburg. Any hope otherwise is just a Leftist wet dream.

But Leftists do like their dreams.

Like that one where Hillary Clinton would become president. Remember what happened there. That dream became their nightmare. And so will this.

The pressure won’t let up for the public to know where the hell Ginsburg is. So the Democrats better produce a body or we will call the sheriff.


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