Republican Political Bible: Trump’s The Art of the Deal

There is no replacement for The Good Book, aka the Bible for us Christians. However, politically speaking we definitely have our New Donald version of the political bible.

Democrats have long worship at the altar of Satan, and used Devil-worshiping Saul Alinsky as their god of sorts. Moreover, his work in Rules for Radicals serves as the Democrat bible from the moment of publication.

That book has been rendered useless. Because the Conservatives’ political bible is now The Art of the Deal.

Ethel Fennig wrote, an article where she asked the question, “Is there a Democrat who read The Art of the Deal“?

Certainly, a man accustomed to dealing with petty local tyrants such as Chicago alderman Edward Burke (D), whose city government office was recently raided by the FBI for an alleged, very Chicago, pay-to-play real estate extortion scheme, would not be intimidated by Pelosi, experienced as she is, and meekly submit.  Her admittedly iron hand encased in a fancy glove, her wide smile not quite hiding her firm words, Pelosi has met her match – and more – in Trump’s powerful masculinity.  After successfully staring down and calling out the true deadly, evil toxic masculinity of North Korea’s supreme leader, Kim Jong-un, of China’s Xi Jinping; of Turkey’s Recep Tayyip Erdoğan; of Russia’s Vladimir Putin; among others, did the Democrats really think Trump would fold?  Let them escape unscathed for no SOTU?  For refusing to deal with the border wall?

They mistakenly did.  But the Democrats were warned. Not that they paid any attention, apparently.  Is there a Democrat who read The Art of the Deal, by Donald J. Trump, before he was president?  Now would be a good time to do so.  He lays it all out for them.  But will they listen?

No they won’t listen. Democrats who got their asses kicked by underestimating Donald Trump continue to do so.

Fennig explains Trump’s credentials.

Schooled in the rough-and-tumble world of New York real estate, from which he graduated with highest honors plus millions in profits, in addition to his formal degrees, also with honors, incidentally, from the highly ranked Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania, President Donald J. Trump (R)’s last-minute U.S. Air Force cancellation of House majority leader Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.)’s and Democratic friends’ public relations jaunt after she announced the cancellation of the State of the Union speech should not have come as a surprise.

Not only do Democrats wrongly underestimate Trump, but they can’t predict him either.

I’m sure when they schemed against him on the State of the Union speech, they rifled through Rules for Radicals looking for their “angle”. When they found what they thought would be the pièce de resistance, Pelosi acted.

You can bet Democrats celebrated their petulance to the president, and high-fived each other, spilling cocktails on their endangered species rugs.

Then Trump trumped them. Reminding him that he doesn’t have his name for nothing.

People called him “childish”. But Trump was content to make the bigger point. He knows what 2019 holds as it pertains to exposing Democrats.

Then Trump went further. He called his own State of the Union: Border Wall Edition press conference. And the world tuned in.

In the aftermath, Pelosi became more defiant about not funding the border wall. That’s exactly what Trump wanted. For Pelosi to entomb herself in a coffin of her own making.

So who’s really acting childish?

Trump has masterfully used the political bible to back the Democrats into a corner. Actually, what he did was even more masterful in that he got Democrats to back themselves into a corner.

So now we await the outcome. Who will blink? You don’t need to get a copy of The Art of the Deal for the answer.




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