Roger Stone Arrest: Mueller’s Latest Vegas Magic Act

What do you know about Roger Stone? Likely very little.

The media portrays the Stone as if he and Donald Trump were tied to the hip. Keep in mind Mueller tried to get Trump’s personal attorney to dish dirt on Trump, and the most Cohen could produce is Trump pays a company to improve his brand’s Q-Score. So what do hope to gain from Stone?

If what Cohen has offered up is all one’s personal attorney has on Trump, I recommend that Trump replace the FREAKING POPE! Because Trump must be a SAINT!

Stone represents yet another Leftist version of Al Capone’s vault. How many vaults have  Leftists opened only to find nothing?

A quick walk down memory lane…

After Trump vowed to end illegal immigration at America’s Southern border, the Left cried racism against Mexicans. That led to charges of xenophobia, particularly against Muslims, as Trump continued to protect American citizens with the same ban Obama had on Muslims from radical countries.

Next, Trump was a womanizer. How many bimbos was Trump said to have “Cosbied” or “Clintoned”? Oh, that’s right, none. He just supposedly had affairs during his non-presidential life.

I’m not sure of the order, but I think next they declared Turmp unhinged. We were warned that if Americans elected Trump, the end of the world was inevitable. Trump would push the nuclear button, right? Or worse, the button would push itself, either through the stock market, job losses, or some other nonsense.

Next we were graced with a new bimbo alert. And Democrats were audacious enough to make this one a porn star. Those buttmunches actually used Stormy Daniels to try to get Trump.

When the “street ho” version of the bimbo alert backfired as Trump got paid by the tramp, Democrats tried more cries of racism, sexism, Islamophobia, and added Russian collusion.

But there was that final cry. The cry heard round the world when Trump kicked the sh*t out of Hillary Clinton on election night.

Nothing the Left tried worked.

And that will be the case for the rest of 2019. After the truth comes out about the Democrats, all bets are off for them in 2020.

So who is Roger Stone?

According to the Wall Street Journal, Stone and Trump were BFFs:

Roger Stone, a former Trump campaign adviser who was indicted Thursday by special counsel Robert Mueller, has had a relationship with the president for four decades.

While Mr. Stone never had an official White House role, the political strategist played a key part in getting Paul Manafort—his former business partner—to run Mr. Trump’s campaign for a time in 2016, according to people on the campaign and Mr. Manafort himself. Mr. Manafort was charged and convicted of several crimes relating to his work for pro-Russian politicians and is awaiting sentencing.

So Stone knew Trump, but had no official role in the White House or the campaign.

I’m not sure of the dots, but a few are missing in this “four decades” long relationship. If it’s based on Manafort, then what’s the big deal.

Mueller tried to connect Manafort-Trump-Russians, and failed. Mueller could have five lifetimes, and he will never make a case against Trump for Russian collusion or anything else for that matter.

I met Roger Stone at an event. Sadly, Stone was not impressive. He looked like Pee Wee Herman’s father, and had no idea how to command the crowd–no offense intended.

Few cared about what Stone had to say. And what was most surprising was I learned that Stone was broke. After all that time in DC, this supposedly very accomplished man was busted?

If Stone has been a DC mover and shaker, he failed miserably. And this is why for me, Stone’s arrest shows Robert Mueller ran out of tricks.

Recap of Mueller’s exploits

The only thing that rivals the arrest of Stone is Mueller’s indictment of the dozen Russians. Because that too garnered the man nothing.

Mueller targeted General Michael Flynn, and that appears to be huge backfire. Flynn’s sentencing continues to get pushed out. The delay isn’t for Flynn’s benefit, but for Mueller’s.

Remember Pappadopoulos? He got less than a slap on the hand. In fact, when you think of what Mueller did to this man, you can only laugh at the results. Even Democrats like Adam Schiff saw this result for what it was, and began backing off this “investigation” farce.

In short, Mueller has nothing to hang his hat on, so he’s been dragging out this “investigation” as job security. Even Professor Alan Dershowitz saw Mueller’s move for what it is. He said that Friday’s arrest of political consultant Roger Stone was a “show” put on by special counsel Robert Mueller’s office to influence public opinion.

And what a show it was.

An early dawn raid of Stone’s home in Ft. Lauderdale. The FBI made one heck of a show about things, as they pounded on the door, then took Stone into custody in handcuffs.

Dershowitz commented,

“You arrest this guy in a dawn raid, handcuff him, put him in shackles, and then you don’t even ask the judge to raise the bail. $250,000, which is nothing bail. Clearly this was just a show, an attempt to put pressure  on him.”

Of everybody Mueller could go after, he selects a low-level operative not even remotely associated with Trump in any meaningful way. Nor is Stone involved with Russia.

It’s time Mueller and the Democrats face their fate. Their party is doomed. And though many will pretend to see Roger Stone’s arrest as more fuel for their fire, in truth they know this is a desperation move by Mueller.

Mueller presents an off-strip magic act, and nobody’s buying it. Soon he will disappear, as his case did months ago.


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