Schumer SPANKED PUBLICLY by Trump on Trusting Intel

Donald Trump would be crazy to trust the current Intel people. Most are Obama holdovers and part of the unelected bureaucrat cabal who run the country.

And if anybody learned the hard way about trusting government holdovers, it’s Donald Trump. 

Trump dealt with a previous administration that spied on him using the very same Intel apparatus Democrats urge the president to trust. Yes, the NSA spied on him.

And they used bogus information fed to the FBI by the Clinton campaign to do so. That very same FBI used the bogus information to plant a spy inside the Trump campaign.

The former Director of National Intelligence and former head of the CIA both lied to Congress. Further, both men continue to bash the sitting president, as they led the coup that tried to keep Trump from ever becoming president.

Now, they enlist the support of their best “fixer” to cover their tracks of their treason.

No wonder Chuck Schumer and team don’t understand why Trump doesn’t Trump his Intel.

As Newsmax reported,

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., urged U.S. intelligence community officials to stage an intervention with President Donald Trump and educate him about the facts about their latest national security assessments.

Schumer’s comments came in a Wednesday night tweet. He wrote: “It’s past time for U.S. Intelligence Community leaders to stage an intervention with @realDonaldTrump.”

Attached to the tweet was a copy of a letter Schumer had written to Dan Coats, director of National Intelligence.

Schumer wrote: “President Trump’s criticism of the testimony you and other intelligence leaders provided to Congress was extraordinarily inappropriate and will undermine public confidence in the U.S. government’s effort to protect our national security and preserve U.S.

“I applaud you and your colleagues in the Intelligence Community for being clear-eyed about the threats we face, but you cannot allow the President’s ill-advised and unwarranted comments to stand.”

In the letter, Schumer urged Coats and others “to insist on an immediate meeting with the President to educate him about the facts and raw intelligence underlying the Intelligence Community assessments.”

No surprise Schumer would offer such praise. Particularly when you look at how what Intel leaders supposedly testified to in Congress:

Trump had lashed out at his intelligence chiefs on Wednesday after they told Congress that North Korea is unlikely to dismantle its nuclear arsenal and that the Iran nuclear deal is working.

How do these people know what North Korea will do now that America has a real leader? Frankly, they have NO idea how Trump will bring North Korea to heel, because most have never seen real leadership in the Oval Office.

President Trump negotiated better with North Korea in two years than Obama accomplished in his entire presidencies. And if Trump’s outcomes in trade deals for example prove anything, it’s that he can handle North Korea.

Further, anybody who believes Iran follows the rules of the agreement brokered by Obama is crazy. What’s working in Iran is the Trump policy.

Trump’s Intel is like CNN: fake news. And the Democrats know this. But so does President Trump.

Dan Coats is a solid guy. Now that he’s officially no longer part of the Republican establishment, he can act in the interest of the nation. That said, Coats still deals with the Leftist apparatus left behind by Obama.

While these people aren’t part of Intel, they do highlight other problems Trump faces:

Consider the Justice Department Civil Rights Division, where a Senate-confirmed nominee for assistant attorney general has yet to be installed, 13 months into the administration. The Civil Rights Division wields enormous power over housing, banking, voting, police, education, immigration, employment, lending, prisons and more. During the Obama years, the division lurched hard left, and many of the most extreme positions were explicitly criticized by President Trump in his victorious campaign.

Elections must carry consequences, or the victorious electorate will question the utility of the process. Yet four Obama holdovers entirely sympathetic to the ideological agenda of the previous administration are still in absolute control of an entire layer of political oversight. There are four deputy assistant attorney general positions at the Civil Rights Division, and all are occupied by committed Obama holdovers.

Now this is just in Civil Rights.

Another Obama-holdover propaganda engine is NASA where global climate change nonsense still spews like Old Faithful. So imagine how deeply things go in Intel area of DOJ.

It’s in Trump’s best interest to get what the Intel community recommends on record. Then, he’s free to continue weeding out the riff-raff. On that note, I’m convinced Trump set up a parallel Intel process. With that in place, he monitors embedded Obama-bots, and makes his decisions using his alter-Intel group. Because of this tactic, I see more heads rolling down the streets of DC soon.




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