Trump Could Shoot Democrats on Fifth Avenue and not be Impeached

Remember when Donald Trump bragged about the loyalty of his supporters?

Then candidate-Trump said at a rally in Sioux Center that his supporters are so steadfast in their support of him, he could shoot somebody on Fifth Avenue and they would stick with him.

“I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody, okay, and I wouldn’t lose any voters, okay?”

If you thought that was “crazy talk” at the time, I suspect you believe it now. I know you can count me in the group that would ask, “What Leftist jerk did Trump have to shoot?!”

Some Conservatives are still reeling from the loss of the House. So, they want Trump to change tactics or at least change his rhetoric. Hogwash.

Trump builds loyalty. Don’t ask me, just the millions of people who were lukewarm on Trump who bought first-class seats on the Trump Train.

Nevertheless, Dennis Prager said that 2019 would be a bad year for Conservatives, and specifically Trump. Next, somebody sent me a Tucker Carlson video, where supposedly he delivered bad news for Conservatives in 2019. To both  these amazing men, I ask when they started doing drugs? They are both terribly wrong.

You can’t spell triumph without Trump.

And you can bet most Trump supporters are more in support now than before. Also, Trump has brought over independents and some Democrats.

But what will really kill the Democrat holdovers is their relentless pursuit of the insane. And Fox News documents Democrats’ dementia:

A California congressman is introducing articles of impeachment against President Trump on Thursday — the first day of the new Democratic majority in the House.

Rep. Brad Sherman is reintroducing the impeachment articles that he first filed in 2017 with Democratic co-sponsor Rep. Al Green of Texas, a spokesman said.

“He will be introducing the same articles he introduced last year once the House is in session this afternoon,” Sherman spokesman Shane Seaver told Fox News.

The move is one of several indications that despite the go-slow approach of Democratic leadership, some in the rank-and-file will be eager to launch impeachment proceedings now that they’re in the majority. A Detroit Free Press op-ed co-authored by incoming Democratic Rep. Rashida Tlaib, of Michigan, said the House does not need to wait for the outcome of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe “before moving forward now with an inquiry in the U.S. House of Representatives on whether the president has committed impeachable ‘high crimes and misdemeanors’ against the state: abuse of power and abuse of the public trust.”

As we now know, there are Democrats who want President Trump impeached.

But they don’t care if anything he has done anything that rises to the level of impeachment. Believe it or not, Democrats have actually declared this publicly.

For many Democrats, just the fact that Trump occupies the White House provides grounds for impeachment. Democrats have spent two years lamenting the election of Trump. This is their attitude after two amazing years of economic growth and world stability. But people are beginning to get the picture.

Lots of jobs and very good jobs, at that. A booming economy that is only at the beginning. Say what you want about Trump, America is respected again around the world.

Thus, Democrats have a credibility problem. But it’s about to get worse.

Trump has defeated the Democrats on the biggest issue of the media cycle at the moment. The shutdown.

Democrats own the shutdown, which shows a lot of Trump’s prowess. Because he publicly announced that he would take credit for the shutdown. But it’s the Democrats who will be criticized for it. And that’s already happening.

Recently Cher chastised Pelosi and Schumer for the shutdown. And I suspect others will follow soon.

And then things get really bad for Democrats. Because Trump will win in the second biggest issue of the media cycle. The wall.

President Trump will get his wall. And Democrats will look like whiny teenagers when it happens. Worse, Democrats will be presented as people who enjoy seeing Americans killed.

People now see Democrats as disingenuous liars, which is what they have always been. But the border issue may be the most glaring proof of this. Videos showcase Democrats’ before and after on the border. Moreover, these videos validate Trump’s comments about Democrats being obstructionists.

How long do Democrats believe they can keep a lid on Trump’s real poll numbers?

As soon as any of the scandals break against the Democrats–and at least one BIG one will–Democrats will be doomed.

Once Trump’s poll numbers begin heading north, they will continue until the election.

Trump won’t shoot any Democrats in the middle of Fifth Avenue. But he won’t have to. For now he just needs to enjoy watching Democrats shoot themselves.






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