Trump Effect: Media Layoffs at MAJOR LEFTIST ORGANIZATION

Donald Trump can officially be called on one-man wrecking crew for Leftist media. Check out the carnage.

I think back on the time when Trump first called the media “fake news”. I believe few thought the moniker would stick. As we learned, Trump has keen skills in observation, and he pointed out what we all suspected but had overlooked. The media creates fake news.

How did Trump figure this out and we didn’t? He put himself downrange in the target zone, when he dared to run for president. As a Republican.

Let’s be clear, the media would have devastated him even if he were a Democrat. But that’s only because nobody was to challenge Hillary Clinton. Put that aside, and Trump never utters fake news.

But he did, and the results have been devastating to the media. As The Spectator reported,

There has been much wailing and rending of garments over the weekend about the layoffs of some writers, editors, and other staff at BuzzFeed, HuffPost, Yahoo, AOL, and Gannett. Naturally, the affected employees are upset and inclined to blame malign forces beyond their control. Predictably, the primary villain to emerge is President Trump, who had the temerity to tweet that the real problem is the market: “Fake News and bad journalism have caused a big downturn. Sadly, many others will follow. The people want the Truth!” This is not what these unhappy folks want to hear, but Trump is right.

Trump understands what many journalists refuse to acknowledge — the news business is a business — and the customers are dissatisfied. According to Gallup, the public now has less confidence in the news media than in banks, big business, organized religion, the medical system, the military, public schools, the presidency, the police, etc. This is true for all news sources, including television, newspapers, and the internet. Moreover, because the erosion of public confidence in the media has been a consistent, decades-long process, it cannot credibly be blamed on “attacks” by President Trump.

More on the media carnage.

While it took a cabal with Facebook, Google, and other social media platforms to shut down Conservatives, even with help the Leftist rags struggle.

The Guardian explains the problem:

Revenue-per-click, the business strategy that has informed digital publishers for years, was effectively pronounced DOA this week as leading players in a sector once viewed as the future of journalism announced deep cuts.

In a letter to employees headlined “Difficult Changes”, the BuzzFeed founder and chief executive, Jonah Peretti, said the company would reduce headcount by 15%, or about 250 jobs, to around 1,100 employees globally.

Buzzfeed made its numbers last year after missing them in 2017 but Peretti told employees revenue growth was not “enough to be successful in the long run”. By reducing costs, he said, “we can thrive and control our own destiny, without ever needing to raise funding again”.

At the same time, Verizon said it would trim 7% of headcount, about 800 people, from its media unit, which includes HuffPost, Yahoo and AOL. Another signal of distress came on Friday when Warner Media announced it would close its digital investment arm, WarnerMedia Investments.

The job losses followed sales or cuts at Mic, Refinery29 and elsewhere. But publishing as a whole had already shrunk sharply. By some estimates the shift to digital has resulted in an overall reduction in the business of 50% to 80%.

Truth be told, Leftists could solve these problems immediately. Because the answer is simple: report the truth.

As one of my friends recently tweeted, “If I had a brick for every story CNN had to retract, I could build the wall!”

I’ve recounted my story with my friend Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. He said that he stopped paying attention to the news in 1987. He then added, that he listens to absolutely no news.

At the time of our meeting, a rumor surfaced that he was retiring. In our meeting he relayed to me that the story was 100 percent fabricated. He has NEVER thought of retiring, and hadn’t had the conversation even in casual “what if” fashion.

I heard it from the Justice’s mouth. The story was a total lie. Click-bait from some journalist, and the wet dream of some Leftist, who hoped Obama would get to replace America’s most Conservative justice.

Anybody think that writer was fact-checked? And what of the multitude of outlets who propagated that lie?

So now the media pays the price.

No doubt this correction is long overdue. For how long have we endured a media completely in bed with Leftism?

Decades; that’s how long.

And then came the media dragonslayer, Donald Trump. The unrelenting branding machine who dare call the media what it is.

So now hundreds of Leftists search for work. They enter the real world where make-believe won’t cut it. Let’s see how long their Pollyanna outlooks on life last now.

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