A Funny Plot Twist in Michael Cohen’s Faltering Future

When you think things can’t get worse for Michael Cohen, think again.

Democrats now trot Cohen out in front of various House committees like he’s a hooker at the Mustang Ranch.

Given he’s spent a bit of time at Club Fed, Cohen may have a new boyfriend by now, thus he’s used to getting prostituted.

But things get worse for Cohen, as he gets bad news about his employment future. It appears Cohen will join the ranks of Bill Clinton and many other (mostly Leftist) political scoundrels.

According to The Daily Mail:

Michael Cohen, the former personal attorney for President Donald Trump, has been disbarred, the New York courts announced on Tuesday.

The decision was announced in documents released by Manhattan’s Appellate Division, First Department and the Attorney Grievance Committee, The New York Post reported.

The judgement came as Cohen was behind closed doors in Washington D.C. testifying before the Senate Intelligence Committee. He was seen checking his phone during a break in questioning.

Lawyers face automatic disbarment in New York for a felony conviction. In December, Cohen pleaded guilty to eight felony counts, including bank fraud, tax evasion and campaign violations.

Cohen is officially a “sheister”.

The good news is the Subway sandwich shop in Chicago might need a hand?

So what are the takeaways from this story? Well, don’t mess with Donald Trump is my first takeaway.

Things don’t go well for those who try to frame Trump.

One would think that people like Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler, Hillary Clinton and gang, the Obama administration and many other hardcore Leftists would take heed. But until the first of them does the perp walk, they seem intent on promoting their lies against Trump.

It won’t be long before their corruption sees the light of day and the mea culpas begin. As soon as one of the swamp rats cuts a deal, it’s all over but the crying, as my grandmother would say.

Cohen’s testimony will be akin to the Jussie Smollett interview on GMA. It has all the credibility that a disgraced, disbarred former attorney should have.

The next takeaway is tell the truth.

Trump has. And I can’t wait to watch Adam Schiff and other NeverTrump Leftists publicly eat their crow after the Mueller report comes out…finally.

There is a reason Mueller continues to delay this report. Because contained therein is the executioner’s orders for the Left. $25+ million to produce nothing. And don’t think Trump won’t give us the actual numbers and remind America who could have been helped if Democrats never started this witch hunt.

Final takeaway, Cohen won’t be the only disgraced person in this. The number of people who take a Q-score beating will permeate the Left. Hollyweirdos will suffer the worst defeat, and thus the cause of Leftism will suffer alongside.

Watch for Hollywood types to suddenly see the writing on the wall. Like Pelosi did with Smollett, many will remove their tweets against the president. And God-forbid they actually start praising him.



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