Black People LAMPOONING Kamala Harris and Cory Booker

Democrats have many serious problems. Things like having no message. But their problems are far worse.

For example, their biggest problem is Trump’s past and future performance: Trump performed for two years like a rock star. And 2019 will reveal Trump’s genius in many ways.

In other words, things won’t get any easier for Democrats.

The improving economy continues with no signs of slowing down. In building the most robust American economy in decades, President Trump didn’t rely on “fake” money. He didn’t need $2+ trillion of {Affirmative Action funds} “quantitative easing” money to bolster his economy. Instead, Trump stimulated the economy the old-fashioned way: creating real jobs.

Next, Trump cut out all the bureaucracy holding back corporations by cutting taxes and red tape. And while Leftists claim Trump’s economy is really Obama’s economy, they can’t explain how Trump doubled Obama’s GDP.

Recall Obama set the “new norm”, which Trump promptly dismissed and doubled.

Here’s a quick comparison of the first two years of Trump vs Obama in jobs creation (lost):

Obama’s First Two Years:

2009: 4.9 million jobs LOST

2010: 900K jobs created

Trump’s First Two Years:

2017: Over 2 million jobs created

2018: 2.8 million jobs created

For those doing the math, Obama lost 4 million jobs his first two years. In contrast, Trump gained almost 5 million in his first two years.

Leftists tout that more jobs were created in Obama’s last year than Trump created in his first year. And if we can believe the numbers of 2.2 million vs 2.1 million, they are correct. However, Leftists conveniently leave off the number of people who left welfare in Trump’s first year in office.

From Investor’s Business Daily:

In the months since President Trump has been in office, the number of people collecting food stamps plunged by nearly 2 million.

The same is true for welfare. Enrollment in the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program dropped 12% last year, to reach 2.3 million.

Better still, the number of workers on Social Security Disability Insurance was down to 8.6 million in March — a decline of more than 100,000 since January 2017, and the lowest level since February 2012.

So far this year, disability applications have averaged 179,000 a month, compared with more than 193,000 a month in 2016. And the number of people dropping off disability rolls is up.

But Trump didn’t just implement policies to get people off welfare, he set a goal to achieve.

As CNN Money reported:

President Trump became famous for saying “You’re fired.” Now he wants to be known for saying, “You’re hired!”

Trump appears to want at least 6 million Americans off government aid and into full-time jobs.

“If you’re on food stamps and able-bodied, we need you to go to work,” White House budget director Mick Mulvaney said Monday. The White House budget doesn’t specify how many people it expects to leave government aid, but Mulvaney said several times that “in excess of 6 million people” should be able to get full-time jobs in the Trump economy.

The “welfare-to-work” push is critical to Trump’s plan to attempt to balance the budget. He gets over $1 trillion in savings by scaling back the safety net.

Liberals call this cruel. Conservatives call it overdue. A lot of economists call it magical thinking, sprinkled with some fairy dust.

Understand that Leftists believe that wanting to take millions off welfare and put them to work is either cruel or wishful thinking. Isn’t wishful thinking what started America?

Yet economist Doug Holtz-Eakin, head of the American Action Forum and a former adviser to John McCain’s presidential campaign commented:

“We’re essentially at full employment. I just don’t think we’ll move more people from government rolls to jobs.”

“Full employment” is economic speak for the time when about everyone who can get a job already has one. The reality is America has had over 5.7 million job openings for months.

Talk about limited thinking. That type of mentality is exactly what got America into the mess President Trump currently negotiates.

Holtz-Eakin believes like Obama. Thus, for Trump’s policies to work, he needs a magic want.

The article continues,

It sounds simple: Take those unemployed people and put them on the front door of companies seeking workers.

The problem is: Companies don’t want these workers. Why? They don’t have the skills to do those jobs.

These people can create their own jobs. They can become landscapers, housekeepers, or distributors, for example. America offers a host of other unlimited entrepreneurial opportunities that don’t involve spending massive amounts of money on a useless education.

Earlier I mentioned earlier that Trump has a stated goal of getting at least 6 million people OFF welfare. I looked for Obama’s goal for this, but it didn’t exist.

President Trump marches towards his goal of 6 million off welfare with at least 2-3 million accomplished. Yet nothing from Leftists.

2-3 million more people have jobs and are in pursuit of the American dream. But you can bet that Leftists radiate hate at this notion. That’s not what Leftists want for poor Americans.

Democrats’ next problem: their cover-ups.

Russian collusion won’t end well for the Democrats and they know this. So anybody who wants to run in 2020 does so only for show. None of the Democrat candidates expects to win.

So, when Democrats expect to lose, send in the clowns; as in Congressional Black Circus clowns, black Leftists, Kamala Harris and Cory Booker.

Already the prospect of their presidential run is being met with laughs. No, not just by Republicans.

Check out this video below from Najma, where she tweeted:

Cory Booker and Kamala Harris trying to win back Black people’s trust.

Black people may be waking up, and I will take some credit for it. After all, my team has been doing this for 10 years now. Regardless of who gets credit, it’s clear from this thread that black people aren’t merely handing their vote to Harris or Booker. They say Democrats of any color will need to earn their vote.

Further, this is certainly one of the funniest threads I’ve read in a while.

Kamala Harris spent her DA days locking up a majority black people in California and enforcing the 3 strike rules (amongst other things). She doesn’t seem to be for our people at all. Cory Booker sold out to big pharma, who make it hard for poor people to buy necessary drugs.

The way we learn about them is through their policies. Biden and Sanders also have skeletons that they have been repeatedly criticized for. No one gets a free pass.

In short, it will take more than buck-dancing for Harris and Booker to win over black Democrats.

And you can rest assured that neither of them will be the Democrats’ nominee for president. That party has had enough of light-skinned Negroes with no Negro dialect for a lifetime.


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