Corporate Greed Turns Liberal Feminists into Sexist Oppressors

Google and Apple recently misplaced their vagina hats. Now, feminism is no longer the centerpiece of their corporate appearance.

Sadly, leftists will do anything for money, even when it violates basic human rights.

For months, we’ve been aware of the lengths Google goes to in order to censor conservatives. Ironically, they claim protecting the liberal viewpoint is a protection of morality. As if conservative views violate basic principles. Yet, their latest move proves their so-called motivation a moot point.

According to CNN Business:

Human rights defenders are calling on Apple (AAPL) and Google (GOOGL) to remove the Saudi government app Absher from its platforms, saying that it allows Saudi men to track women under their sponsorship.

In a letter addressed to Apple’s CEO Tim Cook and Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai Monday, the top Democrat on the US Senate Finance Committee, Sen. Ron Wyden of Oregon, asked the tech giants to prevent their technical infrastructure and app stores from being used for enabling “abhorrent surveillance and control of women.”
The Absher mobile app — first available on iOS devices in 2015 and to Android devices in 2016 — is a Saudi government e-portal where users can access an array of government services related to Hajj, visa, National ID, traffic violations, and health insurance among others, according to the Saudi Ministry of Interior.
Among those services is a feature for male guardians to decide whether their dependents can travel abroad and the parameters around their travel plans.

Let’s be clear here. We’re not talking about parents tracking their children out of fears for their safety. We’re talking about men, controlling women, and tracking their every move. And we’re talking about American companies who turn a blind eye to the controlling abuse in the name of the almighty dollar.

Unsurprisingly, Apple had no comment about the situation, but Google managed to say “we’ll look into it.” But don’t let them fool you, this app isn’t new. For the past 3 or 4 years, it’s been a money maker.

The Blind Eye of Leftism

It’s pretty easy to see how Google and Apple turn a blind eye to these abominations. The same liberal women who attend atrocious rallies such as Hillary Clinton’s march are the exact women who believe Muslims uphold feminist values.

Recall when Alicia Keys issued a tweet about the beauty of the burka? She was celebrating #MuslimWomensDay. These women aren’t allowed to show anything more than their eyes in public. Further, they can not drive, own property, or go to the store without permission- but Keys was celebrating the symbol of their oppression instead of using her platform to fight for their rights.

And she’s not the only Hollyweirdo to show such incredible lapses in judgment. Ashley Judd, who holds a degree in women’s studies, actually stated that Muslim women hold MORE rights than American women. Of course, this was right after Trump’s election. Since then, I’ve been waiting to see Judd move to Saudi Arabia, where she can more freely exercise those rights.

But that is typical of leftists. They deal in theoreticals. And while conservative women truly fight for the equality of all women, liberals just dance around in vagina costumes and pretend they’ve liberated someone. Truthfully, leftists embarrass themselves in their humanitarian efforts.

Back to Tech Giants

Google and Apple both have rules in place that deal with basic human rights. If an app or a post causes a threat, or creates harassment, the tech giants reserve the right to remove it. So, why haven’t they considered tracking women a form or both threats and harassment?

This app allows men to restrict their wives from moving freely about the country. I can’t imagine any American women succumbing to that kind of control. But as CNN notes:

“This (app) is not unusual for Saudi Arabia. They use modern technology to impose archaic and discriminatory rules. They are very interested in using modern tech — but (are) not looking at modernizing their actual systems, which is to move away from incredibly discriminatory practices, and incredibly demeaning practices too.”

Unfortunately, it’s not surprising to see tech giants lack a moral compass. Just last month, we brought you another story of media manipulation. This, too, involves Google and it’s subsidiary, YouTube.

A journalist noticed a search inquiry regarding abortion yielded mostly pro-life videos. After a simple phone call, the data was manually manipulated to eradicate the conservative views. Even Google employees acknowledged the practice skews things towards the liberal perspective.

But at least we can ascertain the excuse when Google favors liberals. They wanted Hillary to win. And when she lost, Google employees were devastated. Since then, they’ve sought revenge by silencing the conservative point of view.

However, when it comes to the safety of women across the globe, this can’t be blamed on some anti-Trump sentiment. It’s just old-fashioned corporate greed.





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