Democrats Could Learn A LOT from this Bully

I love these videos where the bully gets the lesson. Democrats should take heed, as they bully their way into power and fortune.

In this particular video, a girl approaches a boy, seemingly minding his own business. Let’s call him President Trump. Suddenly a girl comes over and berates him. You can tell the whole ordeal is orchestrated, as the girl looks at the camera filming the incident. 

Shortly after she verifies that the camera documents what she plans to do, she begins slapping the boy. At first he merely protects himself, likely being told never to hit a girl.

But why is she hitting him? Leftists claim to teach children to keep their hands off one another, yet she plans an attack as her look at the camera suggests. She wanted to capture “girl power” in action, as the politically-correct boy follows the rules of decorum established by the patriarchal America. In other words, he would never strike back.

But he does. And #MeToo, Feminism, NOW, and all the feminists can thank themselves for both the stupid girl who filmed her bullying, as well as the young man forced to defend himself.


After the young man has had enough, he decides that in the spirit of feminism he had a few choices.

First, he can hit a girl, because women are now as empowered as men.

Second, he can hit a girl, because he could declare himself a girl in that moment. Thus, he got in touch with his “feminine” side and strike back.

Third, he an hit a girl because he could declare himself a pre-op transgender soon to be man-to-woman.

Regardless of his choices, the young man decided to take action. He stands up and hits the feminist bully. Clearly she never expected it. After all, he’s “Not with HER!”.

A closed-fist punch right across the face of the feminist bully sends her immediately shrieking.

The young man begins walking away. Lesson taught. But it doesn’t end there, even though he obviously didn’t want to continue to inflict more damage.

The bully sits there, shocked and crying.

Her friends come to console her.

Once she figures out what happened, she’s enraged. How DARE that young man-to-woman transgender “girl” strike back.

She yells his name, then runs to tackle him. The would-be-victim sees her coming and body-slams her to the ground. Apparently, this bully needed another lesson.

The camera turns off at this point. Clearly the Instagram this young feminist bully thought she would post went awry.

I suggest Adam Schiff and other Democrats going after President Trump watch this video. It’s a metaphor for what’s happening to them. They’ve gone after him multiple times, but what happens when the camera is turned off, and the real beating occurs.


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