Dems Doomed with Latest Trump News

I told you so, weak-kneed Republicans. But moreso, I told the anti-Trump, #NeverTrumpers, and Democrats the impossible would happen.

Trump wins in the end. And sadly for the losers, Trump’s winning is not nearly over.

President Trump continues kicking ass and taking names, politically. Everything naysayers try to get him backfires. And now the president has the poll numbers to prove it.

But now in what must be a shock to the system of the aforementioned, Rasmussen reports that the president’s approval rating now sits at 52 percent. That’s a 9-point increase of a couple of weeks, as his approval was 43 percent in January.

We can look at the strong economy which is impacted by strong jobs numbers, positive-impact trade deals, and the many other things the president has achieved. But in my opinion the main reason for his meteoric poll numbers is his steadfast commitment to the American people.

Despite what the media and their cadre of other Leftists have tried, President Trump sticks to his message. And his masterfully crafted State of the Union speech showed a temperament the Left never anticipated.

This isn’t the first time the president achieved 52 percent, as he accomplished that in March 2017. What’s most interesting about that fact is that for the most part Barack Obama’s approval slid year over year. And that’s with a fawning media and people so invested in Obama, they dare not speak ill of his performance.

Obama fell from 62 percent to as low as 42 percent during his presidency. He supposedly ended with 52 percent approval. I call serious BS on this poll for the reason I stated earlier.

For Leftists Obama represented God. And they would never admit he was the worst president in history, and he was.

Trump on the other hand has steadily risen in polling, entering the White House with a reported 39 percent approval. And what this latest poll discloses is Trump again has more approval than disapproval.

Ramifications for the Democrats

What must Democrats be thinking now? I can only imagine the consternation on their faces. They must look as nervous as a Chihuahua trying to pass a peach pit.

After two years of witch hunts and calls for impeachment, the only damage Democrats manage to inflict is to themselves.

They won the House, right? But who now gets more press than the Speaker? A former bartender.

Look at the week had by Ocasio-Cortez and all the nincompoops who jumped on her Green New Deal bandwagon. How long will it be before that train has no passengers?

The Green New Deal plan couldn’t have worked out for Republicans if they got a former British spy to author it, feed it a GOP-funded PR company who then worked with the FBI to validate it by leaking it to the media.

Moreover, what about the Democrat infighting? Pelosi poo-pooed on the “whatever they are calling it”, as she referred to AOC’s Green New Deal. Also, Pelosi chastised Congresswoman Omar, who tweeted anti-Semitic remarks:

Freshman Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar apologized Monday afternoon for controversial tweets about the Israel lobby in the United States after her comments were denounced by House Democratic leaders as “anti-Semitic tropes.”

Omar, one of the first two Muslim women elected to Congress last fall, said in a tweet that her intention was “never to offend my constituents or Jewish Americans as a whole,” but added that she was not backing down on the “problematic role of lobbyists in our politics.”

Next, Virginia. Do I really need to say more?

They have the entirety of Democrat leadership running from blackface and sexual assault charges. Talk about “mud on face” for the Democrats in that state.

Donald Trump is about to have a great 2019, followed by a better 2020. He will be re-elected.

And it’s easy to understand why, when you look at his performance. 

Trump will win the border wall (or whatever barrier name) fight. And he will win in the other areas, which will continue to frazzle Democrats. As their desperation grows, so will their antics. And though we’ve seen them act amazingly nutty over the past two years, their behavior will sink lower. I know; hard to believe that to be possible.

Trump will remain undaunted. In fact, I predict he will act far more “presidential” than he’s done in the past. And those 82 percent of Independents who like the president will learn to love him.

Trump has polled better over his short tenure. But the trend line this time bodes better than ever.



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