End is NEAR: No More Paternity Suits or Child Support for Men

Thanks to the miracle of modern science, men may no longer deal with paternity suits or child support.

Men and their sex robots can move to their own world, as Amazons take over this one.

As The Daily Mail reports, men are no longer needed to make babies.

Australian women will be able to have babies without males within two decades, a fertility expert says.

Dr David Molloy said pregnancies will no longer need the input of males in the future thanks to the advancements in fertility technology.

Baby mice were recently born to two mothers in China, and Dr Molloy noted he does not see why the same feat cannot be achieved in human reproduction.

At present in Australia, ethics committees and legal prohibitions would put a stop to the process in humans but Dr Molloy said attitudes will change over time.

Attitudes will change over time? I say, “Bring it on, NOW!”

Let women “father” their own children for a change. Isn’t that what the feminists want?

Speaking for many men, I declare “You never know what you’ve got until it’s gone”! and it’s way past time for me to give feminists the finger.

Fatherhood done right is difficult. We get little credit, for the most part. And frankly, most good fathers don’t really care. Frankly, I think most fathers see what they do as a thankless job, with the real thanks coming in the creation of good solid adult citizens.

When is the last time you saw some athlete say, “Hi Dad!” when on TV and getting an award?

Well Mom might have raised the kids, but far too many fathers were too busy having to bring home the bacon.

Let women rule the world for a year, and most will BEG for the return of men. Look at what a year has done with the #MeToo hypocrites. They’ve lost their minds!

Hollywood remains full of the same people who created the movement, men and women. Weinsteins abound, as do the people who enabled him. Dozens, perhaps hundreds more Weinsteins operate in full view of the very people they abuse. Yet, feminist femme fatales fought to make Brett Kavanaugh the new poster child for sexual abuse.

Nice try, bimbos!

Also, Bill Cosby sits in jail in his eighties, a man who NEVER in his life needed to or wanted to drug a woman for sex. Cosby is from the era where women asked for Quaalude, and men kept the drug as a party favor. He even said as much in his testimony.

Sadly for Cosby, the media didn’t bother to check out the sordid past of most of his accusers. Let me save you the suspense: booty calls most of their whole damn lives.

The article continues,

Dr Molloy said the advancement in fertility technology would be ‘a tremendous breakthrough’ but noted it was ‘important to rigorously investigate the safety and assess the ethics’.

His comments come after baby mice were born to two mothers in a breakthrough study that could spell hope for gay couples who want their own biological children.

Yeah, more good news for the gays. Maybe science will get so advance, gay couples can request gay babies.

Point me to New World, where Feminazis aren’t allowed. And where people are mere humans, and don’t measure themselves by their sexuality.

Call me silly, but I like having children the old fashioned way.

Aside: we will keep you posted when science announces that we can have babies without females.

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