Are Democrats Really Finished with this Black Guy?

Democrats again eat one of their own. And they chose black meat.

Just as with {thankfully} former Senator Al Franken, the #MeToo movement claims another Democrat victim. If only Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax (D-VA) could have made it to Congress where he could have been protected from sexual abuse charges.

As a Congressman, Fairfax not only would have had his sexual abuses swept under the rug, the American people would have footed the bill to pay off his victims.

Sadly for Fairfax, he fell just short of the upper echelons of the Democrat ladder of success. So now he suffers his fate.

As the Richmond Times Dispatch reports,

Two of the three government staffers to Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax and two employees of his political action committee resigned following news Friday of a second sexual assault allegation against him.

The PAC employees who left are Dave Mills, who was the executive director of We Rise Together, and Courtney McCargo, a fundraiser for the PAC.

Mills is the husband of state Sen. Jennifer McClellan, D-Richmond, who is considered a strong contender to replace Fairfax as lieutenant governor should Fairfax resign.

On the government side, Adele McClure, the policy director, resigned, as did Julia Billingsley, the scheduling director.

Lauren Burke, Fairfax’s communications director, remains employed by his PAC and Larry Roberts, his chief of staff, remains on as a state employee.

Any idea how rare it is for Democrats to torch a rising black star in their party?

You practically must commit murder in the streets for that to happen. 

Marion Berry was caught on tape buying drugs from the FBI, yet he was re-elected. Maxine Waters has faced more ethics violations for criminal activities than damn near all the white Congressmen combined, and yet she remains in office.

So how does the party go from hating their white racist governor in blackface to torpedoing the career of a black man? Because as the article suggests, Fairfax has other problems besides his political ones:

The job of lieutenant governor is part time. Fairfax is a lawyer at the firm Morrison & Foerster, which has placed him on paid leave.

So now Fairfax could lose his “real” job over this? And you can bet Fairfax got this job because of his political connections.

Here’s what his law firm posted about Fairfax:

Prior to joining Morrison & Foerster, Mr. Fairfax served as an Assistant United States Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia, where he was a member of the Major Crimes and Narcotics Unit.  He prosecuted a wide range of federal felony criminal offenses, including embezzlement, fraud, narcotics trafficking, international currency and narcotics smuggling, gun crimes, and illegal immigration. Mr. Fairfax also served as the Deputy Coordinator of the Northern Virginia Human Trafficking Task Force and on the Hiring Committee for Assistant United States Attorney applicants in the Alexandria Division.

In addition, Mr. Fairfax was a litigator in private practice at two AmLaw 100 firms, where he represented clients in high-profile criminal investigations and civil litigation cases. Prior to his private practice, Mr. Fairfax clerked for the Honorable Gerald Bruce Lee of the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia in the Alexandria Division.

Mr. Fairfax earned his J.D. in 2005 from Columbia Law School, where he was a member of the Columbia Law Review.  He graduated from Duke University in 2000 with a degree in Public Policy Studies.  He is a former Trustee of Duke University and currently sits on the Board of Visitors of the Terry Sanford School of Public Policy.  In 2013, the National Bar Association honored Mr. Fairfax with its “40 Under 40 Nation’s Best Advocates” Award.

Let’s see how long it takes for them to remove Fairfax from their website.

Also, you can bet that Columbia and Duke are already looking at when to start purging their history of Fairfax.

Something tells me that the Fairfax outcome won’t be like that of Brett Kavanaugh. Fairfax won’t easily put this behind him. And you can bet Fairfax doesn’t want 8 FBI investigations into his background going back to his high school years.

While I agree that Fairfax is innocent until proven guilty, I do enjoy watching Leftist ensnared in traps of their own creation. Unfortunately it takes incidents like this for Leftists to understand the insanity of their ideology.

As for the four staffers abandoning Fairfax, is this just par for the course.

These people have lives and reputations. And guilt by association prevails in Leftist thinking. Thus, who can blame these people for moving outside the blast zone.

What’s happening in Virginia is a microcosm of what’s happening in DC. Much of the swamp draining escapes media scrutiny, but it’s coming.

2019 will be the best year for Conservatives in decades. And the political bomb that detonated in Virginia is like a sparkler compared to what’s coming next for Democrats.



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