Fired FBI Staffers Explain the “Insurance Policy” Against Trump

In what may be the biggest political miscalculation in history, the FBI bet on the nag instead of the thoroughbred.

The election of Trump created a serious enough panic within the bureau that hotter heads prevailed. Nobody even considered that Trump would win. And thus “insurance policy” mention in the texts of Lisa Page and Peter Strzok weren’t triggered until later.

According to The Daily Caller:

Former FBI officials Peter Strzok and Lisa Page claimed in congressional testimony last year that their infamous “insurance policy” text message was a reference to an internal FBI discussion about whether to potentially expose a longtime bureau source by mounting an aggressive investigation against the Trump campaign.

“As I sort of explained, if he is not going to be President, then we don’t need to burn longstanding sources and risk sort of the loss of future investigative outlets, not in this case, but in other Russia-related matters,” Lisa Page told lawmakers on July 13, 2018, according to portions of a transcript confirmed by The Daily Caller News Foundation.

Understand that the FBI essentially performed a calculus on whether to continue investigating “Russian collusion” only if Trump became president. In other words, Russian interference with our elections only mattered in the worst-case scenario from the point of view of Leftists.

And here I thought, based on testimony from Strzok and recent comments from disgraced former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, the FBI acts indiscriminate of politics?

Let’s see how all of this reconciles as these traitorous clowns get tested later this year either by Congress or in court.

The article continues,

In testimony on June 27, 2018, Strzok claimed that his text message discussion with Page concerned whether to open up a “very sensitive source” to exposure in the investigation.

The text message that Strzok and Page sought to explain was sent on Aug. 15, 2016, around two weeks after the FBI opened “Crossfire Hurricane,” the counterintelligence investigation into the Trump campaign.

Again, since when does the FBI plant spies in a campaign? And as they put it, in order to help the candidate?

With the Mueller farce ending unceremoniously, Democrats now have a much bigger issue. How do you put this fat genie back in the bottle?

The public wants answers. And saying, “Because the investigation netted nothing doesn’t mean it’s over” won’t cut it.

Adam Schiff looks like the partisan clown that he is. So do many others who followed suit. And if Manafort is the only real skin on the wall, that won’t be enough.

Jerome Corsi’s case looms for the Left.

Unlike Manafort and General Michael Flynn to a lesser degree, Corsi presses on with his case against Mueller. And with potential a more fair AG in place, Corsi may get a look at the undercarriage of the Democrats.

The truth will come out this year. The Democrats pulled a “Smollett”, only they had the ability to cover due to the Deep State swamp rats. But soon, the Department of Justice will make an announcement similar to what Chicago PD said of Smollett.

The DOJ will stand before American citizens and declare that the FBI and the Obama administration attempted to hoodwink us. Because that’s what happened.


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