I CALLED IT: Smollett Says He Has a DRUG PROBLEM

I called it! I said Smollett would say he has a drug problem. But he didn’t need to tell this black man.

Because only a hardcore JUNKIE would think up a scenario like Smollett did and expect to get away with it. Smollett story stunk so bad, even gay black men declared, “Oh no he DIDN’T!”.

This is why I called foul immediately when Smollett said what happened. Next I said only a braindead moron (Democrat) would believe that nonsensical story.

Guess what day it is? GUESS WHAT DAY IT IS! CHUMP DAY!

Yes, all my common sense observations finally came to light and Chicago PD got to go after the real criminal, Jussie Smollett. And unbelievably, Smollett continued to profess his innocence in the face of overwhelming evidence.

Found the two suspects who cooperated with Chicago PD.

Rope and “anthrax” note evidence found at Nigerian co-conspirator’s home.

Videotape of Nigerians buying rope, bleach, and hat.

Check and mate.

But Smollett instructs his attorneys to keep on fighting. After all, his raise on Empire was at stake.

Meanwhile, what did I say?

I wrote that soon Smollett would say that he has a drug problem and needs rehab. Here’s what I wrote:

“Tell me it’s not so, Jussie”, pleads Milano.

Well, it IS so, Sister!

Now we will soon get installment two of “Why he did it?”. But you can bet that Jussie Smollett won’t be forthcoming about the real reason(s) why.

Like with the media, America will be told there’s a bigger lesson we missed in our clamor to get this lying scumbag. Smollett only wanted to bring light to a problem that has existed for decades, blah blah blah.

But we got the lesson alright. Smollett has no enemies on the Right, so he creates them. And he does so for the reason most Leftists do things: for the money.

In the final installment of “Why he did it?”, Smollett will admit to mental problems and vow to go to rehab.

Damn, I’m good. And as The Sun reported,

JUSSIE Smollett told officers he has a drug problem as they arrested him for allegedly staging a “racist and homophobic” street attack to boost his career, according to US reports.

Cops later said the Empire star had bought ecstasy from one of the brothers said to have helped him in the elaborate hoax.


During his arrest he reportedly told officers he struggled with drug use and had never been treated, TMZ reports.

And police papers say text messages appear to show Smollett asking pal and Empire extra Abel Osundairo for “Molly” – a street name for ecstasy.

If he is convicted, a drug problem could be used as a mitigating factor and get his sentence reduced, US reports say.

Holy Mother of Good Golly Miss Molly. Smollett was stoned on X? Ecstasy!?

Not exactly the mind-bending drugs that would make a person concoct such a farce. 

Regardless, we have reached a predictable point in the evolution of this hate-crime against Trump supporters. Now Leftists hope this farce will enter into the “forgiveness phase”. Particularly now that we know Smollett uses X.

I can hardly wait for all the Leftists to demand we tackle the epidemic of X users. It certainly does explain some of Trump Derangement Syndrome. Perhaps the president should put less focus on fentanyl and opioids, and concentrate on X?

Smollett’s only way out of this was to say he has a drug problem. But Smollett has a truth problem. And I’m going to make him admit the real truth.

That truth is Smollett doesn’t hate Trump. He used Trump for convenience. It raised his street cred by pretending to hate Trump. If Hollywood loved Trump, Smollett would have wanted Trump to “tea bag” him.

Instead, Smollett played the fake news narrative game and it backfired big time. Trump employed. Smollett FIRED!

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