Jussie Smollett: Time to COME CLEAN About the Fake Attack

I’d leave this lying scumbag alone, if he came clean. But I refuse to let this lie linger.

See, Leftists of all ilks, especially blacks and LGBTQ want to paint Conservatives as blood-thirsty radicals who hate the aforementioned. Again…I won’t let this lie linger.

In fact, Conservatives are the kindest people on the planet. We don’t care about color of skin, sexuality, etc, as long as these things are being forced on us. And that’s what Leftists do.

They take their past transgressions, and make other people who did nothing pay.

Smollett wants attention. But worse, he wants to point his problems at people who had nothing to do with his problems. I guarantee Smollett if he hung out with me for a day, no Conservative would give a crap about his blackness or gayness. He would get his mind blown over what he believes about Conservatives and how we really are. But Leftists don’t like getting educated, preferring to live in blissful, hateful ignorance.

Below is video of Smollett’s first night back on stage since “the incident”. This clown milks this nonsensical story for all it’s worth.

Smollett’s case is a farce. When I hear him talk about it, I think of global climate change and Russian collusion.

Total bullsh*t. And I’m not the only one who believes this.

As the National Review surmised:

Jussie Smollett, the gay black actor who appears on the TV show Empire, wants the world to know he’s okay. He did a concert last night during which he addressed the alleged hate-crime assault he suffered early Tuesday morning near a Subway sandwich shop in downtown Chicago. In his latest comments on his case Smollett said,“There has been a lot of stuff said about me that’s absolutely not true.” He then paused to glance at the balcony and add, “I’m sure my lawyer’s sitting up there like. ‘No, Jussie, no! No! Shut the f*** up and sing.’”

Consulting his notes, he moved on to “four points” he said he wanted to make:

“I was bruised but my ribs were not cracked; they were not broken. I went to the doctor immediately. . . . I was not hospitalized. Both my doctors in L.A. and Chicago cleared me to perform, but said to take care, obviously. And above all: I fought the f*** back.”

Smollett has previously said he was talking to his manager on his cellphone during the attack and still had that phone after the attack. Chicago reporter Rafer Weigel of Fox32 News tweeted that police sources had confirmed that Smollett also still had the Subway sandwich on him when he turned up at an apartment building shortly after the alleged attack.

So Smollett underwent a vicious beating by two attackers that apparently lasted less than 60 seconds, since that is the reported gap in surveillance footage between an image of him without a rope around his neck and an image of him with the rope. Smollett now says he fought back, but apparently he lost neither his Subway sandwich nor his cell phone in this brawl. Also he didn’t immediately call the police on that phone to describe the suspects and inform the police which way they had gone when they suddenly ran away from him, but instead waited about 40 minutes to inform the police.

More on the Subway sandwich:

Twitchy followed up on the report that Smollett fought back, never relinquishing the sandwich.

Rafer Weigel of Fox 32 in Chicago is one of the few reporters still checking in with Chicago police to see what progress they’ve made into their investigation into an alleged racist and homophobic attack on “Empire” actor Jussie Smollett, who claims he had a noose strung around his neck and bleach poured on him by assailants who yelled, “This is MAGA country!”

If might seem like a small detail, but police noted that Smollett still had a grip on his Subway sandwich despite the attack.

Hey, it’s not funny.

My favorite tweet on this:

If I’m @SUBWAY I’m calling him up to do commercials!

“I was viciously attacked…I was almost lynched…but throughout the ordeal, I was determined to hold on to my $5 footlong NO MATTER WHAT!”

My question is what was that Subway sandwich made of? PLUTONIUM?

Check out this other black skeptic:

Back to the bigger issue. And that is, Smollett wants to profit from his lie.

Smollett wants the world to believe that great people, Conservatives attacked him. He knows this represents a lie. But like Bill Clinton, this clown wants to finger-wag, to try to convince us that his lie is truth.


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