Kamala Harris’ BEER VIDEO Moment that Backfired

Kamala Harris just had a “beer video” moment, like that of Elizabeth Warren.

Recall when Warren wanted to appear down-to-earth, as she drank a beer on camera. It couldn’t have been more stilted if it were done on stilts.

#TeamKJ, #KevinJackson

The entire video was so bizarre. Clearly, now that Warren isn’t a Native American, she wanted to prove she was “one of us.” But after Democrats crucified Kavanaugh for drinking beer, it’s hard to believe Warren thought cracking open a cold one was the way to our hearts.

Still, Democrats rarely employ logic in their choices. Such is the case regarding the latest interview with Kamala Harris. Let’s face it, Harris comes from the party of the partiers, if you know what I mean. So, Harris doesn’t actually have much to look up to.

First we had the President who didn’t inhale, if that’s even remotely believable. Then we had Obama, who’s cocaine confessions didn’t keep him out of the White House. And now, we have a “Presidential hopeful” who readily admits she spent her college years half-baked.

There’s only one problem with Harris’ confession.

The Numbers Don’t Add Up

If you do the math, Harris’ confession can only be a half-truth at best. Ironically, Harris made a name for herself jailing people for smoking weed, and until recently, insinuated that she would never support legalization.

It really doesn’t matter which side of the legalization debate you sit on. The real point here is that once again, liberals say what they need to say to get the votes. When it was in her favor to appear tough on crime and to assert a crackdown on drugs, that’s the face Kamala put forward, even though, she quite possibly was Attorney General by day, and stoned off her rocker by night.

And that was the biggest question circulating social media Monday evening, after Harris said she smoked a “joint” in college during an interview with the radio show, “The Breakfast Club.” Co-host “Charlemagne tha God” asked Harris if she had ever smoked marijuana, to which the California senator replied: “I have.”

“And I did inhale. I did inhale! It was a long time ago, but yes. I just broke loose,” Harris added. She then claimed she smoked a joint while in college and remembered being high.

“I think [marijuana] gives a lot of people joy,” Harris said. “And we need more joy in the world.”

When asked what music she listened to when she smoked, Harris said, “Oh yeah, definitely Snoop. Tupac for sure.”

Except, Harris graduated from Howard University in 1986, and the University of California, Hastings College of the Law in 1989. Tupac released his first album, “2Pacalypse Now,” on November 12, 1991 — two years after Harris graduated from law school. Snoop Dogg released his first album, “Doggystyle,” on November 23, 1993 — four years after Harris graduated law school.

By the time Tupac and Snoop began releasing albums, Harris was already working as a deputy district attorney in Alameda County, CA. She started that job in 1990 and left in 1998.

So, either Harris lied about who she listened to while smoking (or, more charitably, doesn’t remember who she listened to and named the first artists she thought of), or she actually had her one “joint” while she worked as a deputy district attorney putting people away for smoking marijuana. Either way, another leftist with another lie.

Luckily, not everyone buys her class-less act.


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