Leftist Woman BAILS OUT Pedophile Rapists

Some stories reek of Leftism, and this story has the stench.

As in the Smollett hate hoax, there exists no doubt in crooner R Kelly’s guilt. This man targets underage women to make into sex slaves.

Recently, R Kelly turned himself in on a warrant for his arrest. Supposedly he didn’t have the money to bail himself out, as no stations were playing his songs. No songs, no royalties.

As ET reported:

R. Kelly‘s attorney says the singer doesn’t have the $100,000 bail he needs to post, CBS Chicago reports, so Kelly will spend another night in jail where he’s been moved into a private cell. R. Kelly’s bond was set at $1 million Saturday by Judge John F. Lyke Jr.

Kelly, 52, was charged with aggravated criminal sexual abuse against four women, including three minors.

Steve Greenberg, Kelly’s attorney, issued a statement late Sunday night.

“R. Kelly’s spirits are good. Kelly is expected to bond out tomorrow (Monday),” Greenberg said. “Right now he’s being held in the hospital area of the jail for security reasons, he’s not sick or suicidal. It’s easier for the sheriff and more secure that he’s not in general population. Kelly will be in court around 10 a.m. ET and should be released shortly afterwards.”


Kelly’s spirits were high because, enter Leftist lunatic, a likely card-carrying member of the #MeToo movement:

The woman who posted the $100,000 bail that enabled R Kelly to walk out of prison on Monday evening has been revealed in court documents obtained by DailyMail.com.

Valencia Love, 47, lives just outside Chicago in Romeoville, and on the form she submitted in Cook County Court stated that she is friends with Kelly.

Love owns a number of restaurants according to records obtained by DailyMail.com as well as a childcare facility, the Lord and Child Christian Day Care.

She posted that bail despite the fact that Kelly is accused of raping three underage teenagers in this latest Cook County indictment, and the emergence of new rape tapes which allegedly feature the singer and minors.

Holy Mother of Eros, could there be a better connection between these two?!

A woman named Love from Romeoville bails out Kelly. You couldn’t make that up.

But the story gets even better.

Old dog, Old tricks.

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but  apparently R. Kelly isn’t interested in any new tricks. Just as soon as he was bailed out, he went to McDonalds.

According to The Root:

Mere minutes after posting bail after pleading not guilty to 10 felony counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse, 52-year-old R&B singer R. Kelly returned to the Rock n’ Roll McDonalds, a flagship location that was once hailed as the busiest McDonald’s on the planet.

Kelly has been known to frequent the popular hangout spot for teenagers with his entourage and security in tow.

For the safety of little girls everywhere, the judge should’ve barred Kelly from Big Macs.

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