NFL Pays Off Token Social Justice Black Dissident

Black Leftists have upped the ante on getting paid by “the man”. Formerly, a black guy had to get killed by a cop for his family to receive the lotto check. But now black Leftists have a new hero.

Colin “Take a knee for social justice” Kaepernick got a fat settlement for race-pimping in the NFL. And he didn’t have to die!

NBC reported,

The NFL and lawyers for players Colin Kaepernick and Eric Reid jointly announced Friday that they had settled a complaint of collusion by the players, who claimed football team owners blackballed them because they had protested racial injustice and police brutality by kneeling during the playing of the national anthem before games.

Terms of the settlement, which could include monetary payments to Kaepernick and Reid, were confidential.

Before the deal was reached, Kaepernick’s and Reid’s complaint alleging violations of the league’s collective bargaining agreement was headed to a full hearing before an arbitrator later this month.

Word on the street is Kaepernick received somewhere between $60 to $80 million for his troubles. Chump change for the rich white men who were his former employers. And I’m sure all of them say, “Good riddance”.

What Kaepernick did was set things back for many blacks who will play in the NFL, as the rules will be changed. Whether the NFL admits this publicly (they won’t, btw), they will deal with silly Negroes in their own way.

Put another way, rich white men regardless of politics won’t stand to lose money over a couple of uppity Negroes.

The fact that Kaepernick will never play another down of NFL football proves my point.

$60-$80 million is a small price to pay in the long run for the NFL to come to grips with what could have been a major problem. Consider what Kaepernick cost the NFL?

Ratings are down, but revenues were up…temporarily. That’s because it takes time for the queue to flush. So currently the NFL lives on “muscle memory” of the previous years. But to believe the league won’t lose many more millions than they paid Kaepernick is crazy. The losses were geometric, if not exponential to what they paid that race-baiting clown.

Nevertheless, let’s congratulate Colin Kaepernick. He got his money and won’t ever have to work again.

He can now pretend to be a warrior for social justice. Understand that BLM blacks across America count this as a win for “blackness”. But this victory helps blacks in no way.

No more black kids will get educated. Black teens will drop out of school in disproportionate numbers. And in those same numbers, black people will occupy our nation’s prison.

Black teenage girls will continue to get pregnant in record numbers and raise children alone in even more alarming numbers. For those who don’t, those young women will kill more black babies than all the white Democrats in the history of man.

Crime will continue in the black community. And the biggest killers of blacks will be other blacks. Kaepernick won’t speak a word.

Despite all this, Kaepernick will be celebrated in Leftist circles. White Leftists will use him as their “token Negro”, knowing the damage he’s don to the black community.

I could easily see him running for Congress. He might join Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in the fight for a Black New Deal.¬†As race pimp Jesse Jackson would say to Kaepernick, “Keep hope ALIVE!”.

But somewhere along the way, black Leftists will realize that Kaepernick is just another Jussie Smollett. He set them up; played them.

Because Kaepernick got paid for doing something for nothing. But he’s the only person who got paid. Everybody else, yes all of America got used.


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