President Trump SMASHES Climate Change Fanatics

The Obama administration bombarded Americans with fake data about climate change. Then they did what all Leftists do, which is to brainwash our youth.

The results played out during a visit by students to the office of Senator Dianne Feinstein. At this meeting, the children declared that they had 12 years to live, but wanted to live the rest of their lives as energy-clean as possible.

These brainwashed adolescents then touted Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal as the only way they had a future.

At the estimated cost of $93 trillion to pay for it, I suggest to these mind-screwed worms that the payment doesn’t fit the outcome.

I think President Trump has seen enough. And as he does with all things, he begins the necessary undoing of all the lamebrained ideas of the Left. So he begins dismantling the climate change farce.

The “settled science” of Barack Obama was little more than government payoffs to scientists on this subject. And that’s because climate change represents the largest money grab in the history of our Republic.

In fact, we previously examined Obama’s scams:

Going green became the catchphrase for government larceny under Obama.

The man put PT Barnum to shame, as he billed himself as a friend to the environment. Thus, Obama preached about renewable energy and sustainable sources.

As the saying goes, “There’s a sucker born every minute,” so Obama suckered many Americans.

In fact, Obama spent nearly $40 billion a year on green energy projects. This is an amazing figure, particularly considering all America got for the money.


The Solar Letdown:

For decades, green energy supporters touted solar energy as the answer. However, the solar energy industry cannot support itself without massive government subsidies. The average homeowner would need a $30,000 system just to save $2,000 a year. And who really knows what the savings are, given the Obama administration’s “fake data.”

Regardless, even using their numbers it would take 15 years just to recover one’s initial investment. Since the average home owner stays in their house less than 13 years, a buyer never recovers his or her investment.

As we’ve learned with Leftists, their policies aren’t about saving taxpayers money or doing something amazing for the cause.

The idea of paying for clean air should be ridiculed. There is no way to determine what impact we have now or in the future. And Leftists know this. Thus, there is no limit to what should be spent to keep us all alive, right?

President Trump recognizes that this nonsense must be stopped in its tracks. So he’s established a climate committee. Leftists should welcome the scientific assessment, but Chuck Schumer is already trying to stop the facts from being revealed.

As CNN reports:

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer vowed Tuesday to defund a climate science panel the White House is looking to create, calling it “fake” and criticizing Republican leaders for their positions on climate change.

The White House is considering assembling an “ad hoc group” of scientists to re-evaluate the federal government’s current conclusions about climate science and the negative impact of fossil fuels, The Washington Post reported Sunday. The group would include scientists “who question the severity of climate impacts and the extent to which humans contribute to the problem,” according to the paper.
“So this morning I’m announcing that if the Trump administration moves forward with this fake climate panel, we will be introducing legislation to defund it,” Schumer said in a speech on the Senate floor.


With this group, Trump pushes back against the morons who claim he’s not investigating the matter. But he goes a step better. Now, Trump can publish the REAL data that supports the inevitable conclusion: climate change is merely weather. And unlike the Mueller report, these findings will be made public.


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