President Trump’s other Trump Card to Build the Wall

American-loving Americans, ok Conservatives can rest assured that President Trump will get his wall.

I’ve detailed how Trump got Pelosi to cave. He did this by backing her into a corner, and there’s no escape except capitulate. She simply has no way out.

But whether Pelosi provides wall funding or not, Trump has multiple ways to get what he wants.

He could declare a national emergency and build his wall. He alluded to this, and given his recent bargaining, even some Democrats would understand. However, there could be an easier way for Trump to get his wall funded and put an enormous amount of money back into the treasury.

As Rovvy Lepor explained, Congress has over one trillion dollars sitting in “unobligated balances.”

While President Trump is correct to remain committed to building a border barrier and has asked all Cabinet agencies for wall funding, he can fund the entire barrier without having to declare a national emergency.

Instead, he can draw full funding for a complete border barrier from unobligated balances. Unobligated balances “are the amounts of budget authority that have not yet been committed by contract or other legally binding action by the government.”

Former senator Tom Coburn described unobligated balances as “essentially money for nothing.”  While in 2012 there was an estimated $687 billion in unobligated balances, unobligated balances in federal and trust funds in FY 2019 is estimated to be a whopping $1,156,136,000,000.

This looks more like a slush fund to me. Regardless, it’s money the president can use.

According to Scot Faulkner, unobligated balances were used by President Lyndon Johnson to help fund his Great Society, by both Johnson and Nixon to help with funding for the Vietnam War, to assist with Carter’s expanding domestic programs, to go toward Reagan’s work to bring down the Soviet empire, to help fund both Iraq wars by Presidents George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush, and by President Clinton to help him stay within Republican congressional budget limits.

President Obama never used a budget sweep, allowing $914.8 billion in unspent, unobligated balances to continue to accrue. As a result, there will be an estimated $1.156 trillion in unobligated balances by the end of F.Y. 2019 if these balances are permitted to languish.

I’m actually shocked Obama didn’t raid these funds.

I can only surmise that printing over $8 trillion in funny money called “quantitative easing” took Obama’s eye off the ball. For a guy who spent over $10 trillion as president, what’s a measley trillion or so?

I’d love to see how President Trump deals with these funds. Lepor has some ideas:

Any funds that President Trump can reallocate to building the border barrier without the need for approval to reprogram those funds from the Democrat-controlled House should be allocated for the barrier. However, if President Trump can take the unobligated balances and have the Treasury reclaim that money, it can be used to fully pay for a border barrier, additional border security personnel, and accompanying technology.

Further, other funding can be used to fund other critically important initiatives that would not receive Democrat support. Much of the over $1 trillion in unobligated balances could be used toward paying down the national debt that is currently close to $22 trillion.

Imagine if Trump built his fall and funded it for the future. He has billions to play with.

Next, he could reduce our debt by $1 trillion?! I’d love to see the Democrats argue against that outcome.

Apparently, it can be done based on the amount of unobligated balances. Moreover, Trump would have border wall money to burn.

Thankfully, we don’t have long to wait to see what the president does. I really like watching the art of the deal. And I feel very confident that President Trump will make the Democrats pay for his wall and their insolence.


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