Rare Moment: Dems Praise Trump After Summit

President Trump cut the summit with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un short after just two days of talks, proving once again his mastery of making deals.

In a press conference, Trump said “sometimes you have to walk.”

Oddly, Kim Jong-Un thought he could walk into the summit, demand sanctions be lifted, and get his way. Clearly, he didn’t learn much about doing business with President Trump the first go-round. Thus, Trump gave Kim a refresher course.

Of course, conservatives know Trump made the right move. But the surprising thing is Democrats agreed publicly.

Enter Susan Rice

Susan Rice served as National Security Adviser under Obama. And after the election, she turned into a vocal critic of President Trump. Yet, today, Rice praised the President.

As Fox News explains:

“For the United States to have agreed to lift all sanctions in the absence of real and complete denuclearization would have been a tremendous mistake,” she said.

Rice argued the best deal would have been a gradual lifting of sanctions in exchange for serious moves by Pyongyang to shut down its nuclear program.

Another frequent sparring partner with Trump, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., offered measured approval for Trump’s handling of the summit.

“I’m glad that the president walked away from that,” Pelosi said Thursday during a press conference. “The prospects seemed dim.”

Even Chuck Schumer weighed in on the side of the President.

I’m not really sure why dems were so quick to agree with Trump’s move, although it’s the only position that makes sense. But making sense is not something Democrats value these days. Still, Trump is a force to reckon with, and that is the undeniable truth.

And while this may look like a stand-still erupted between the US and North Korea, the implications for China are huge.

Stern Warnings

Kim Jong-Un isn’t the only one leaving the summit with stern warnings from the US. China now sees Trump isn’t dead-set to make a deal. He’s dead-set on setting things right for this country.

In fact, Trump said, “I’d much rather do it right, than do it fast.”

Now, China’s leaders see what the President will and won’t do.

As Fox News elaborates:

Gordon Chang, an expert on the region and author of “The Coming Collapse of China,” argued that what on the surface looked like a diplomatic stalemate could in fact be a diplomatic coup for Trump when it comes to North Korea’s neighbor.

“I think this is a moment of reassessment for China,” Chang said.

Trump announced overnight that there’d be no deal in Vietnam because Kim was “unprepared” to fully denuclearize in exchange for the full removal of U.S.-led sanctions. Trump held a press conference where he said, “Sometimes you have to walk.”

Chang told Fox News that Trump also showed Beijing that he is not afraid to walk away from a bad deal amid trade talks and, in doing so, put added pressure on Xi, whose popularity appears to be waning due to the country’s economic stagnation. Chang said Xi has found himself in a “no win” situation: either he agrees to abandon the country’s “selfish” model or he continues to watch the economy suffer.

Trump recently made a good faith move to help the Chinese. He postponed increasing tariffs on $200 billion in Chinese goods that was set for March 2.

We know the Chinese are feeling the pains of US economic growth.

Kevin Jackson recently wrote about a friend who lives in China. His friend sent an update about life overseas.

His observations paint a picture of a struggling economy.

First, The Donald is winning the trade war…BIG TIME.  As you know, I have been visiting or living in China for over 25 years. And based on that extensive knowledge, I can see the effects on the economy.

For example, Chinese New Year just ended. Normally it lasts at most 2 to 3 weeks tops. Because everybody must return to work. However, this New Year started the last week of January, but it continues as the whole month of February everything has been shut down. There are NO FACTORY ORDERS. Layoffs!!

Also the Chinese Government has just revised the requirement for a WOFE, an acronym for a Wholly-Owned Foreign Enterprise. The gist of the WOFE makes it easier for companies outside of China to set up shop inside China.

On that point, remember when President Trump announced that America is open for business? Obviously, companies took him up on it.

This article suggest 7 companies who kept their manufacturing in America. However, the real proof lies in the 500,000+ manufacturing jobs in the recent tally.

The Economist wrote of Trump’s prowess, saying the growth “defies expectations”:

In 2018 it looks as though the president is winning the day. Industrial output is on a tear, and the last few months have seen the best run for growth in manufacturing jobs since the late 1990s. After spending about two decades on a steady march downwards, manufacturing’s share of the labor market appears to have all but stopped falling.

All this comes at a price to the Chinese regime. They were never challenged, and planned for continued growth. Then they lost their best customer.

The Chinese only have one hope, and it hinges on their relationship with the US.

Fox Continues:

The main sticking point for the U.S. centers on ending cyber theft of commercial secrets, limiting state support for Chinese companies, and ending the forced transfer of technology.

Chang said the Trump administration was wise to pass on an invitation from China to visit after the Hanoi summit.

“I think China has to reassess their approach to trade talks,” Chang said.

Clearly, Trump is winning so big, even democrats can’t deny this victory.




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