Released from Prison: Weiner is on the Loose

Anthony Weiner is out of prison. Just in time to declare himself a candidate for president in 2020 in a field that could use some help.

The disgraced former congressman has been transferred from Federal prison into a New York half-way house. And Weiner received given that he was due to stay in prison until in August of this year. 

Weiner pled guilty to sexting with a 15-year-old teen in North Carolina. For his lewd act, Weiner spent 21 months in jail beginning in November 2017.

Weiner has served his sentence at the Federal Medical Center in Devens, Massachusetts. Now the 54-year-old Weiner is expected to leave the half-way house on May 14.

Understand it wasn’t the first sexting scandal that got Weiner caught up.

Weiner torpedoed his political career sexting in 2011. After he begrudgingly admitted to the lewd act, he was forced to resign from Congress.

I wrote of his texting partner at the time:

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but DANG! I’m not being critical of this young lady’s looks, because she’s one of God’s children. However, if I were a Congressman, I’d do better than Lewinsky 2.0.

What is it with these weak Liberal men who so long for the spotlight, the affirmations, that they will pick ANYBODY to sext or “not have sexual relations” with?

Granted in the case of Bill Clinton, I may have to give him a “Hillary Pass”. Although Weiner’s wife is no Victoria’s Secret model, she is a better catch than his sexting partner.

What Weiner did was wrong; but who he chose was practically unforgivable.

Undaunted, Weiner ran for mayor of New York in 2013. However his second sexting scandal put an end to the career of “Carlos Danger”, when it was determined that Sydney Leathersunder, the recipient of Weiner’s texts was only a teen.

I documented my thoughts on Weiner’s second incident, as follows:

I don’t suppose it will matter very much to the degenerate Democrat political culture that was seriously considering him as the next mayor of New York City, but it turns out Anthony Weiner sent even more lewd text messages to at least one woman who was not his wife, after he resigned from Congress in disgrace back in 2011.

Images of his crotch were once again involved. He used an alias named “Carlos Danger.” His appetite for humiliating both his wife and prospective constituents appears boundless.

Weiner didn’t come clean about any of this voluntarily. He was caught by a website called The Dirty, which refers to the recipient of Weiner’s lewd messages as “the victim.” The Victim claims her online relationship with Anthony Carlos Danger Weiner ran from July to November 2012.

What will Weiner do now that he’s in a half-way house and soon to be released?

It’s difficult to count out the disgraced politicos on the Left. They have amazing staying power. And being honest, I might buy a book from “Carlos Danger”, if he writes it truthfully. Wouldn’t you like to get inside of the head of a guy who had it all and blew it?

Nothing has changed for Weiner. I wrote this about him then, and it applies now.

It’s been my not-so-guilty pleasure seeing Weiner squirm. In the most evil Conservative’s lab one could not create a more phallic symbol of a Liberal NY Democrat than Weiner. Smug, aloof, brash, and a complete idiot.

Weiner was the kid that nobody liked in school. Weiner was the schoolyard tattletale, the teacher’s pet, the kid who reminded the teacher at the bell that she forgot to give out homework.  He was the resident suck-up, no matter what stage in life.

Whatever Weiner accomplished in life was at the expense of others and always to ultimately benefit him. Can you imagine what growing up looking like Weiner would have been, and carrying THAT name? His choices were to become the best or to become the Weiner that he has become. Based on his decision, Weiner was an ass-kicking waiting to happen every day, when he was growing up.

Democrats can only hope Weiner stays out of the public eye. Because he’s a mirror for far too many of them. Only one, perhaps two scandals away from oblivion.



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