Two Persons Questioned by Chicago PD in Smollett “Hoax Crime”

I wonder what two people in Chicago could get paid to say they attacked Jussie Smollett?

Because Leftists pay well to cover up their lies.

If the attackers were “brothas”, they would line up to take the wrap. But in this case, Smollett has to find two pro-Trump rednecks willing to take a payoff. I suspect the two guys Chicago PD are questioning will shed light on this ruse.

According to The Daily Mail,

Chicago Police have identified the two persons of interest filmed near to where Jussie Smollett was attacked on January 29 and are questioning the pair.

The news came on Thursday only two hours after Smollett spoke at length about the attack in his first interview since and condemned the skepticism he has been confronted with since it became public.

He told Good Morning America that he has ‘never’ had ‘any doubt’ that the two people in the image were the ones who attacked him and that when Chicago PD released their image within the first few days of the incident, he became hopeful justice would be served.

Since then, there have been few developments and the police department has repeatedly spoken of the fact that Smollett did not hand over his phone when asked to do so on the night of the incident.

The two men, whose names have not been released, were filmed near to where Smollett was attacked on January 29 at 2am. They were filmed walking on the same street as the Empire star and getting up  after he walked past them on the other side of the street.

To Smollett’s despair, no footage of the actual attack has been uncovered yet.

I LOVE the last line of that report. “To Smollett’s despair”.

More like “to Smollett’s relief” they have no footage of this hoax crime

Imagine a scenario where two men jump you. Repeat, jump you. In other words, you don’t expect it.

You’re on the phone and have a sandwich in the other hand. You drop neither, but instead you fight them off while continuing to hold on to a sandwich and talk on the phone with your manager.

Put it this way, two dudes jump you, kicking and hitting you, but you hold on to your $5 sandwich?

Even superheroes can’t do that sh*t.

Yet Justice League Jussie declared, [pp] “I fought those motherf*ckers back!”.

How?! By head-butting the two assailants? Or is Smollett a Kung Fu ninja?

In the real world, you drop the sandwich and the phone because if two people “surprise” you, they likely hit you. And unless the object in your hand is a weapon, it’s best to drop it and use your hands to fight.

Not to mention, after brazenly declaring how bad ass he was, Smollett seemingly forgot that the men poured bleach all over him and put a noose around his neck.

From my vantage point, that sounds like a solid ass-kicking of the “receiving” kind.

BTW, where are the bleached clothes?

Chicago PD supposedly found a bottle that had a bleach odor “near the scene” where the incident supposedly took place.

An empty bottle that smells like bleach was found near the location where “Empire” actor Jussie Smollett said he was attacked by two men in late January, Chicago police said Monday.

The bottle, which was found by New York Post reporters who retraced Smollett’s path through Streeterville the night of the attack, was sent to a lab for analysis.

When did they find this? About a day after Smollett or one of his minions planted it? How convenient is that? Two days ago a bottle with an odor of bleach suddenly appears at the scene of this fake attack.

I’d love to see the surveillance film of who put that there. And again I ask: “Where are Smollett’s bleached clothes?”.

I’m no Columbo, but Holy Mother of Ginsburg, if Smollett were bleached then show me some evidence.

Regardless, let’s analyze the idea that somebody carries bleach around in a bottle.

I’ve heard of people spraying acid on a person, but not bleach. In other words, of all the weapons these two attackers could have use, e.g. gun, knife, stun gun, bat, razor, rock, bottle, mace, and so on, they decided to attack this Negro with bleach?

I have one for you: pull my finger!

Remember the redacted phone records?

They offered Chicago PD nothing concrete on calls at the moment of the attack. So Smollett claims he was on the phone with his manager, but won’t provide even that corroborating evidence?

A friend of mine posed another interesting question. Why won’t Smollett show the phone calls made leading up to the incident?

Did he call a “call boy”, who brought a friend to roll him during a fake “hook up”? Or did he call people complicit in the ruse.

Democrats want Trump’s taxes, but I want Smollett’s phone records!

Back to the two persons in question:

I can’t wait for the outcome of this part of the saga. This may very well be the part where Jussie Smollett must fess up.

If these two are willing to take the fall for Smollett and pretend to be the attackers, I suggest to just follow the money.

However, the most likely scenario is these two “persons of interests” have nothing to do with this incident. And they will be freed.

I want to know how Chicago PD identified these persons based on the video. If they tracked them by other available videos, then they would track them back to the pro-Trump lair in the heart of Chicago.

I will keep you updated until Smollett finally admits to being a lying Leftist scumbag.



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