Universal CHILDCARE: Does Everybody Get a Child Too

Democrats strategize on either finding new taxes or giving other people’s money away. They are professionals at both.

Universal income has been proposed. That’s the idea that you never asked to be born, so why should you have to make a living.

Then there’s universal healthcare. This is based on the notion that since you were born you are entitled to the best healthcare, even if you are a lazy no-account lying scumbag Leftist. After all, few people will actually get to use the system. The deductibles and co-pays see to that.

Because when you beat the details out of Leftists, they admit that youngsters will pay the bulk of universal healthcare and use the least. As for the old folks, they will die on waiting lists.

The system is rigged. What next? Universal pet care? Just another thing for taxpaying citizens to get pissed off about. Long waiting lines at the vet, only to have the vet tell you that euthanasia is the best hope for you beloved family dog.

Now, in their latest appeal to the unwashed masses, a Leftist offers Americans “universal childcare”.

And you can bet one of them would like to see pedophiles provide the services.

Think Warren has put any real thought into her universal childcare?

Or did she pull an Ocasio-Cortez and leave out a few details? From what I’ve read, she might be borrowing an old Hillary Clinton promise. I guess liberals call that “recycling.”

NBC reported on the plan:

Democratic presidential candidate and Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren on Tuesday unveiled a sweeping new proposal for universal child care aimed at providing licensed early childhood care for every family in the country at a cost of no more than 7 percent of that family’s income.

For families making up to 200 percent of the federal poverty level, under Warren’s plan, child care would be free.

Within the crowded 2020 Democratic primary field, Warren’s ambitious proposal is likely to elevate the issue of child care beyond its relatively limited reach four years ago. In 2016, both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders had major child care expansion plans built into their policy platforms. But neither candidate invested real political capital into promoting their respective plans, and voters took little notice of them.

I’d like to know if you need to pay into the system if you don’t have children? Seems like a reasonable question. Or what if you “home care” your child, and don’t utilize the USPSS: United States Pedophile Sitting Services.

I can see the argument now. “People with no children pay school taxes, so why is this any different?”

My response would be, “So you want to heap more misery in the form of taxes on people who don’t have kids?”

My next question is for how long do we “childcare universally” these children? Until they are teenagers and can hit the streets like the thousands of others?

Is there a limit to the number of children you can put in universal daycare? For example, can a family with 6 kids put all of them into the system. Put another way, will universal childcare be regulated even rationed?

Warren plans to pay for the plan with her “millionaire tax”.

Warren promised childcare will never cost more than 7% of a family’s income. I’m guessing it won’t matter whether the family has 1 kid, 9 kids, or no kids. Therefore, parents can feel free to throw family planning out the window.

Of course, theoretically, Warren intends to pay for this universal child care with the rich man’s money. Although, eventually the costs will trickle down to the middle class like everything else does.

Further, as Warren proposes, a system of subsidies pays for the childcare. And like inflation, subsidies will simply jack up the overall costs of childcare. Not to mention the exuberant amount of bureaucracy required to setup such a system. Truly, it’s just another step towards creating a welfare state fueled by socialism.

Sure, it sounds warm and fuzzy. Free food, free phones, free babysitters, free college. But when everything is free, nothing is of value.


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