Us vs. Them: Are We Doomed to Be Divided?

Most of the American public sees the future of the Republic hanging in the balance.

The only question is, which side do they see it from.

It’s either: “four more years of Trump  will be the end of us…” or “I hope those Democrats don’t get into office. Did you see those taxes they’re proposing?”

We are programmed to see the world as “Us vs. Them.” You just have to decide which “Us” you’re part of.

But what if you’ve chosen the wrong “Us”? What if neither the Republicans nor the Democrats will save the Republic?

Two Party System

Despite the efforts to create a Tea Party as a viable alternative, we’re pretty well stuck with the Two-Party System, for now. It’s the choice we made more than 200 years ago despite George Washington’s admonishment against parties. And it doesn’t seem like we have any other choice unless we can discard our parties like old worn out shoes.

America needs to kill the two party system and simply allow the best man or woman with the best ideas and vision for the nation win the day. But that will not be easy coming, especially since parties determine the ballot. However, if Donald Trump’s election teaches us anything, it is that the power of the people still exists. And if the people will the overhaul of our system, it can happen.

Short of this, patriotic Americans must help both parties purge their ranks of anti-American communists, socialists, Muslims and globalists, who do not work within the confines of the U.S. Constitution. These representatives do not protect and defend it and our nation’s Founding Principles. It’s past time we make it known that the ideas of Marx, Lenin, Stalin and Mao have absolutely no place in America’s culture.

Will it Take Civil War?

The last time our country was so divided, slavery was the point of opposition. Today’s division stems from the left’s abandonment of the vision shared by our founding fathers.

We have arrived at the day described by Washington, when men and women place party allegiance over allegiance and loyalty to America. But it’s even more serious than many can know. We have allowed a large segment of the population to be indoctrinated by the advocates and progenitors of Marxist Socialism, a foreign ideology that is antithetical to our Founding Principles, acting through sedition and treason against our nation; and this large segment is now represented by the Democratic Party, just as RINOs are its agents in the Republican Party.

Communism has long infiltrated our nation and both parties, from its spawning in 1848, and it seeks our subjugation and the end of individual liberty. And socialism is the kool-aid the next generation keeps drinking.

So, as we proceed rather warily and regard the future for America’s Children, when You select a candidate for any office, try to get Your community on the same page to vote for someone — A Person, A Statesman and Not A Party — who holds proven views that support the greatest economic prosperity through an individual’s own efforts and free choices; who supports known ideas, virtues and principles that allow for the greatest realm of individual liberty possible.

Work like hell to get them elected.

And then push all elected representatives to rescind superfluous laws and bad or illegitimate law that impedes any God-given right or the Bill of Rights, and make these legislators ask the following before each bill is voted upon.

Does this bill help all Americans? Or does it do more harm than good?

Does this bill create real potential for greater prosperity? Or does it impede economic growth?

Does this bill take anything away from individual liberty? Too many bills do this very thing simply due to the fact they fall under the auspices of the government; by this alone, Congress should be passing VERY FEW “Laws” each year, instead of thousands of new laws that not one citizen in the nation can possibly know or obey in their entirety.

There are only two things worth fighting for. You either protect your property or you are protect yourself. But against whom?

Those devils in the Republican party? Or those SOBs, the Democrats?

The Democrats are vying with each other to see who can come up with a new tax, likely to be seen at the 70% mark, to take away our property; we surely don’t want them in charge.

But wait… the Republicans increased spending by some $500 billion over two years… and added $2 trillion to the federal debt. Where do Republicans think that money will come from?

Where is the “Us” worthy of support? And where is the “them” that should be annihilated? Well … for starters we definitely can say it is the those illiberal and intolerant Communists, Socialists, Fascists and Muslims within our borders, who should be annihilated; since they have just about forced our nation to Her knees as they repeatedly and often attack our Founding Judeo-Christian Principles, Our Constitution and Our Freedoms and Liberties and God-given Rights.


Make this a plan for ELECTION 2020!!!

~ Justin O Smith

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