Viral Video Exposes Horrors of Abortion Legislation

Once again, the left proves they are criminally insane.

Now they’re willing to let a baby, at any stage, be aborted.

This isn’t the traditional abortion argument. We’re not questioning the stages of fetal development. Is a zygote a baby? Perhaps an embryo is a baby. Or is it only a baby when it becomes a fetus?

According to leftists, it no longer matters, because we can kill them at any time. Even when it’s time to give birth.

In other words, moments before delivery, a mother can say “I changed my mind, let’s just dispose of this little bundle of joy,” like an unwanted Christmas gift.

Now, testimony from the general assembly in Virginia reveals exactly how far leftists are willing to go.

Just watch Kathy Tran squirm when she is questioned, as she pretends she needs a doctor to answer the questions thoroughly.

Obviously, the restrictions regarding these legislative changes aren’t near enough to protect the sanctity of human life.

BRNow elaborates:

Watching the video is difficult. And it is little wonder that it is the second in as many weeks to go viral and draw attention to the issue. Abortion has long been a contentious issue in the United States, but there is an element featured in both of these videos that stirs our humanity: cruelty.

Abortion advocates once called for abortions to be “safe, legal, and rare.” But the goalposts have moved. We now live in an age where women are encouraged to “shout” their abortions. Last week we watched members and the gallery of the New York State Legislature stand and cheer when its version of this bill was passed. And here we see a member of the Virginia General Assembly defend a bill that would allow an infant’s life to be ended only days, hours, or even moments away from birth.

And this is simply too much to abide. How could one possibly help but imagine the kind of barbarism involved in taking the life of an innocent person – one well past the point of viability? For many, if not most, simply contemplating such an act makes them shudder.

But for the Governor of Virginia, it’s a walk in the park.

Just look at his disgusting comments about the medical treatment of these innocent babies.

Not only would this bill sanction abortion on demand through the third trimester and eliminate requirements that these procedures be performed by doctors in appropriate medical facilities, it would also remove Virginia’s informed-consent, ultrasound and 24-hour waiting period policies.

Perhaps James Woods sums it up best.

War on Women

This is just another battle leftists ignite in the war against women. This bill isn’t about protecting the weak or vulnerable. And it’s not about giving women the right to choose. It’s about allowing something completely barbaric to happen.

Tragically, some babies will actually survive their mother’s attempt to abort them. I substitute teach at a high school where I had the honor of meeting a student with both mental and physical defects. He once shared with me that he survived the two attempts his mother made to abort him.

Leftists would like him to know he wasn’t a baby, he was a fetus. But that explanation won’t help him with his learning disabilities. Nor will it correct the deformities on his face. But it will make some liberal feel like they’ve made a good choice.

Meanwhile, these practices don’t empower women. Just the opposite- this legislation sets women back. In fact, Norma McCorvey, the woman once known as Jane Roe, wished she could turn back time. On her death bed, she mourned the many babies who died at her hands.



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