Woman in Prison for Telling Boyfriend to Kill Himself

Ever told someone to “go f*ck yourself”? Likely.

Maybe you went even harder, and told somebody, “I wish you were DEAD!”? Now, those words can land you in prison.

According to The Daily Mail,

A Massachusetts woman who sent her suicidal boyfriend a barrage of text messages urging him to kill himself has been taken into custody to start her 15-month prison sentence nearly five years after he died.

Michelle Carter, 22, was taken into custody on Monday after a top court last week upheld her manslaughter conviction in the 2014 death of her 18-year-old boyfriend Conrad Roy III.

Carter was sentenced to 15 month in prison in 2017 after a judge ruled that she caused Roy’s death after telling him to ‘get back in’ his truck that was filling with toxic gas after he told her he was scared.

The judge had allowed her to remain free while she appealed, but Massachusetts’ highest court upheld her manslaughter conviction last week.

Where is the #MeToo movement when this woman clearly needs it.

Here we have a strong powerful woman, so dominant over a man that she convinced him to kill himself, and the vagina hats won’t stick up for her.

Or maybe that’s why?

While I don’t condone anybody not helping someone in need, why is it her responsibility for a man’s suicide? I suspect this woman is not Hannibal Lecter. She may be a crass human being, but she didn’t commit manslaughter.

Most of us know of a person who has threatened to end his or her life due to a break-up. It’s a sign of immaturity more than it is anything else. Most adults understand there are more fish in the sea, and move on from break-ups, tough as they can sometimes be. So when we hear grown people discuss taking one’s life, generally speaking we don’t believe it.

Occasionally one may give a “tough love” statement, like “Then do it!”. Now you can be criminally charged for not playing Dr. Phil?

The article continued,

Carter was 17 when her 18-year-old boyfriend took his own life in Fairhaven, a town on Massachusetts’ south coast in July 2014.

What killed this young adult male is Leftism. His inability to cope with life is a direct result of the mind-hump of Leftists over the years.

When one of my sons was 10 years old, he had a crush on a girl who changed boyfriends like a diva changes clothes. She liked him, then like one of his friends, going back and forth for the better part of two years. He consistently liked her and would be crushed when they “broke up”, and she whimsically chose another kid to like.

I loved that he got this lesson at an early age.

He learned that you can’t make people like you, and a host of other lessons he needs for adulthood. By the time a kid is 18-years old, he’s more than prepared for the next phase of relationships.

But not kids raised by Leftists. They have almost zero coping skills. Their parents leave parenting to schools, who provide “cry closets”, and a host of other nonsense that feeds their fragile egos.

Relationships are difficult, but not at the age of 18. At that age, relationships as defined in the real world don’t really exist. They are trial and error, until you exit the minors and enter the majors.

This woman now pays for Leftist nonsense by being branded a murderer. She will spend a few years with the LGBTQ community in prison. Her life will not be enriched in any way, and she will exit prison harder than when she went in.

Consider her life afterwards.

Dating. Telling the next guy (or girl…prison can be tough!)  she dates that she “technically” killed her prior boyfriend. She’s no longer the girl you want to take home to Mom and Dad.

What about when she applies for a job…as a felon? That won’t be easy.

I bet she picks a strong man (or woman) next time around. And not some cry-closet-using Leftist.

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