CNN Polls FAVORS President Trump

While Democrats continue their witch hunt, the president continues the beatings on his would-be oppressors.

And the president got more good news recently. As it turns out, most people recognize Trump’s great economy.

In a CNN Poll published Monday, 71 percent of people declared the economy “very” or “somewhat” good. Only 27 percent believe the economy is in poor shape.

For Democrats, that’s horrible news. While Trump has been under attack for his entire presidency, he managed to build the strongest economy in decades?

Supposedly the least popular president in history, Trump managed to create an economy that 71 percent of the people consider good or better. The man who we were told by Democrats, if elected would crater the economy?

What happened to the economy post-election?

Not what the Democrats predicted.

The news isn’t much better for Democrats on how the president is handling the economy.

According to the polls, a majority of Americans, 51 percent approve of Trump’s handling of the economy. Compare this with 42 percent who disapprove. And you can bet those who disapprove follow the Democrat party line, which the poll verifies.

Along party lines of those who approve, 92 percent identify as Republicans, 53 percent as independents and only 17 percent as Democrats.

Finally, let’s look at Trump’s approval rating, which the poll reports as 42 percent, up 2 percentage points from the previous CNN poll, earlier this year.

Trending up. Just in time for the 2020 surge. And Trump has a secret.

He knows the economy will continue to improve going into 2020. There is only one way for the economy to go: WAY UP!

The impact of deregulation and removal of Obama-era job killing anti-capitalism policies released the kraken. These policies alone jump-started an anemic Obama economy. Add to this the tax cuts which continue to deliver massive dividends to the economy, and you get GDP Obama thought unobtainable.

2018 finished with 2.9 percent GDP. This included two massive hurricanes without which the GDP would have easily eclipsed the 3 percent mark.

But the real weapon comes in the form of trade deals.

Trump’s mastery of trade will yield massive dividends to the U.S. economy going into 2020 and beyond. Just returning even half our almost $800 billion trade deficit back into the economy would spur massive growth annually.

What a predicament for Democrats. They love money, especially other people’s money and stealing it. But Trump makes them profitable without stealing from others.

To wake up wishing for doom and gloom, but being forced to watch one’s wealth grow and other people prosper along with you. That’s simply not the Democrat way. Only they should succeed, according to their ideology.

Unfortunately for Democrats, the good news will continue up to and through the 2020 election cycle. And without the Mueller report to try to hang around Trump’s next, that economy looms large in the psyche of everyday Americans.

When 71 percent approval goes to 84 percent and Trump’s overall approval hits 53 percent, bad news for Bozo the Democrat clown.

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