Emergency Declaration: President Trump DEFEATS Democrats Again

Now the runway has been cleared for President Trump to live up to another campaign promise.

He campaigned on border security, speaking of bad actors entering America through our porous borders. But those days end soon.

The president declared protecting Americans and building a wall to protect our sovereignty a national security issue. Democrats claimed walls don’t help, but now we get to find out.

According to Fox News:

The House of Representatives failed to pass a resolution on Tuesday that would override President Trump’s first veto and let stand his declaration of a national emergency at the Mexican border.

The House voted 248-181 in favor of overriding the president’s veto and doing away with Trump’s emergency declaration – falling 38 votes short of the two-thirds majority needed to pass through the lower chamber or Congress. The measure passed mainly on party line with only 14Republicans voting in favor of the veto override.

Trump’s emergency declaration drew unanimous opposition from congressional Democrats and opposition from some Republicans, especially in the Senate , where lawmakers objected that he was abusing presidential powers.

The Pentagon sent lawmakers a list last week of hundreds of military construction projects that might be cut to pay for barrier work. Though the list was tentative, Democrats were asserting that GOP lawmakers were endangering local bases to pay for the wall.

Expect Leftists to yell, “ARMAGEDDON!” yet again. But as in The Boy Who Cried Wolf, the Left see that nobody listens to them anymore.

The timing for this vote is excellent.

It comes on the heels of the Mueller Report that exonerated the president and his team. Further, the news that Jussie Smollett won’t be indicted caused equal outrage among the Left.

With the green light, the president has many ways to vex Leftists. He can call the Corps of Engineers to help with wall construction. Using military resources for such purposes would add insult to injury. I expect that’s what the president will do, selling it as practical use of our resources. And it would be.

If Trump doesn’t use the military, he still has plenty of discretionary spending he can leverage. According to CNBC,

President Donald Trump on Friday declared a national emergency to gain access to roughly $8 billion to fund a border wall.

Before Trump’s announcement in the Rose Garden, a senior administration official explained that the money will be pulled from the following areas:

  • $1.375 billion from the Homeland Security appropriations bill
  • $600 million from the Treasury Department’s drug forfeiture fund
  • $2.5 billion from the Department of Defense’s drug interdiction program
  • $3.6 billion from the Department of Defense’s military construction account

I suspect there are other pools where the president can pick up additional funds if needed.

I’m anxious to see how much progress can be made on the wall. I suspect the president will work expeditiously to get this wall underway in the critical areas. Obviously, he will want to flaunt the results in the face of the Leftist naysayers for a variety of reasons.


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