Fact Checkers Crucify Ocasio-Cortez

With all the scandals surrounding AOC’s short-lived political career, one would think she’d take the time to do a little research before she opens her mouth.

Of course, she’s not quite that intelligent. Thus, it’s no surprise fact-checkers crucified her latest tweet.

Now, AOC insinuated Trump hasn’t addressed the very crisis he’s made a priority.

Clearly, she’s comparing apples to oranges. And she has no clue what she’s rambling about. In fact, the Washington Post gave this tweet three Pinnochio’s.

As Fox News elaborates:

While Congress refused Trump $6 billion for a wall, [Glenn Kessler of the Washington Post] noted, “Congress acted to give the administration more than $6 billion for the opioid crisis, so there was little need for him to transfer funds without congressional authorization.”

He concluded: “Trump has no need to transfer billions of dollars for the opioid emergency because Congress already has appropriated billions of dollars. Trump’s backing of a national public-health emergency did more than raise awareness; it triggered a congressional response. So it’s the exact opposite of the standoff over the wall.

“One can question the effectiveness of the Trump response to the opioid epidemic without resorting to red herrings and false equivalency.”

Tuesday’s rebuke from the Post is not the first time the newspaper has taken issue with one of Ocasio-Cortez’s claims.

In fact, Melania Trump points out the media could easily catapult the opioid crisis to the forefront of our efforts.

The Hill explains Melania’s position:

“I challenge the press to devote as much time to the lives lost and the potential lives that could be saved by dedicating the same amount of coverage that you do to idle gossip or trivial stories,” Trump said.

“When we see breaking news on TV or the front pages of newspapers, it is my hope that it can be about how many lives we were able to save through education and honest dialogue,” she added.

But once again, our nation sits divided because the mainstream media prefers to tear down the President instead of highlight the issues.

Trump declared the Opioid Crisis a national emergency last October. But not many headlines bothered to cover the story.

And with all this bad press, it’s easy to see how AOC is so confused. She’s not exactly well-read.

In fact, as we recently learned, she’s nothing more than a talking head for someone else’s agenda.

The Justice Democrats

Yesterday, we unleashed the story of the Justice Democrats. (If you missed those revelations, don’t miss the chance to catch up here.) Justice Democrats are the brains behind Ocasio-Cortez, which is why anything she says on her own is completely asinine.

I wish we could call this a right wing conspiracy theory that doesn’t hold water. Unfortunately, there’s plenty of research to prove our claims. AOC is a puppet, dancing on a string. Not only does she say and do whatever she’s told, but most of what she says is utterly ridiculous.


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