Mueller Report: President Trump TAUNTS Democrats

What will Democrats do when the Mueller releases his report? Run!

I’ve said on many occasions that the Mueller report represents nothing but bad news for Democrats. In fact, the report will open a sh*tstorm Democrats never anticipated.

Understand, Democrats thought they fixed this outcome.

By now, Trump was supposed to have boarded Air Force One to be flown to exile to Venezuela or some other Third World sh*thole. Instead, Trump remains in office. Moreover, he continues to confound the Democrats in a variety of ways.

For example, much to the chagrin of Democrats Trump performs like a rock star foreign and domestic. The world hasn’t been this ordered in quite some time. While Trump hasn’t secured world peace just yet, we are the closest to that goal than we’ve been in some time.

But it’s Trump’s domestic agenda that deserves the most praise. America’s economy booms. So much so that I don’t even care to rub that fact in the faces of the Leftists. They know the Trump economy rocks, particularly compared to Obama’s. And polling shows that most Americans credit Trump with the results.

Trump also wins on other fronts.

His recent Supreme Court win on immigration shows that he’s on the right track. Trump now redefines what Americans think about socialism and the New World Order nonsense propagated by the Obama administration.

Trump is the antidote to Obama and Leftism. He’s all but destroyed the media. Recently, Leftist Ted Koppell admitted that the media intentionally sabotaged Trump, but failed. Koppell continued, saying the media warrants criticism by Trump.

Next, the Jussie Smollett incident put a serious dent in Hollywood’s credibility. Smollett’s unbelievable lie that the media soaked up damaged Leftism to its core.

But worse than all this for the Democrats is Trump refuses to act like the guilty man he’s supposed to be.

As AP reported, Trump wants the Mueller report released.

President Donald Trump said he believes special counsel Robert Mueller’s report should be released to the public, even as he disparaged its very existence as “ridiculous.”

“Let it come out, let people see it,” Trump told reporters as he left the White House on Wednesday for a trip to Ohio. “Let’s see whether or not it’s legit.”

Mueller is expected to present a report to the Justice Department any day now outlining the findings of his nearly two-year investigation into Russian election meddling, possible collusion with Trump campaign officials and possible obstruction of justice by Trump .

Mueller is required to produce a confidential report that at a minimum explains decisions about who was and was not prosecuted. Attorney General William Barr is then expected to produce his own report for Congress and has said he wants to make public as much of Mueller’s findings as he can under the law.

Trump said he was personally looking forward to reading the findings, even as he scorned the fact that Mueller was empowered to write the report in the first place.

“I just won one of the greatest elections of all time in the history of this country. … And now I have somebody writing a report that never got a vote?” Trump said. “It’s called the Mueller report. So explain that because my voters don’t get it. And I don’t get it.”

Democrats pretended to fight for the release of the Mueller report. They claimed that they didn’t want the report redacted, and so on.

The fact is Democrats wanted the Mueller report redacted, even kept from the public. And now that President Trump has spoken on this, the Democrats’ strategy died on the vine.

Thus, Democrats won’t get the mud off their faces. And if they think Trump has been vocal about the “witch hunt” now, just wait until this report goes public.

I remember watching the Gulf War all night when it raged. I was glued to my TV, and went to work exhausted. Well a new Gulf War scenario is about to begin. We will soon watch a war wage against Democrats like they’ve never seen.


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