OUTRAGEOUS: Principal KICKS OUT Student for MAGA Shirt (video)

I’m really sick of schools, businesses, and people in general getting TRIGGERED by MAGA.

When people wore the logo of the most idiotic president in America, Conservatives did nothing. We watched those clowns get arrested or worse, and just moved along.

The list of these idiots is long. Yet I don’t recall anyone being beaten or tormented for wearing the logo of lunacy.

And we did nothing because we knew where Obama’s administration would lead: to the election of a real president.

However, what Leftists fear is an effective President Trump. They’ve seen enough. And in order for their narrative to survive, they must protect it.

According to AZ Central:

Perry High School officials are responding after parents accused school administrators of demanding their children remove clothing and accessories promoting President Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” logo.

Partial transcript:

“You’re going to ask my daughter to leave school because she was wearing a ‘Make America Great Again’ sweatshirt?” Farris asked Serrano in the video.

“Nope. That’s not what happened,” he responded.

Farris then questioned why a flag would not be allowed on campus, referencing the ‘Trump’ flag the students had carried.

“She’s not the one that had the Trump flag,” Farris said, referring to her daughter. “And even if she did, why can’t she have a flag on America day for school that says Make America Great Again?”

Serrano responded: “To carry a flag around is not a good use of the flag, it’s disrespectful,” Serrano responded.

The article continues,

The response was sent to parents from the school’s principal, Dan Serrano. Perry High School is located in Gilbert, but part of the Chandler Unified School District.

“I am writing to clear up misinformation circulating on social media and media, specifically that students have been disciplined for expressing their political viewpoints or wearing political attire. This is false,” Serrano said.

Serrano said students were carrying political signs that caused a disruption and created a safety concern Friday at lunch. The students initially complied when asked to put the signage away.

The principal says the trouble began after school ended, when the students brought out the signs again.

“When the school’s resource officer asked the students to leave campus, they declined. They also refused to respond to my request to provide their names and school identification when I sought to interview them,” Serrano said.

Serrano said the information circulating about student discipline is false, but the district cannot set the record straight because of “federal privacy laws relating to disclosure of student information.”

But according to the parents, this is not the case:

Parents told The Arizona Republic on Friday that their students went to school wearing pro-Trump gear because the day had been designated a spirit day with a “Party in the USA” theme.

Heidi Jones said her freshman daughter, Logan, was suspended for 10 days after refusing to give her name to school authorities.

“She came here today to support America, which is what your Spirit Day is all about. And now that she has refused to give her name, you’re suspending her after she’s complied with everything else?” Jones said.

Jennifer Farris, another mom with a student in the group, said assistant principals were among those asking the students to remove the Trump attire.

The mother said she was told officials considered the clothing “offensive, and that the kids were being disrespectful by wearing it” and could face sanctions if they didn’t comply.

It’s far past time we allow academia to continue to denigrate President Trump and his supporters in any way. We won, they lost, case closed.

Academia encouraged anything Obama did for over 8 years. But thankfully those days are over and the real America can return.


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