REAL Reason Why Clinton Dropped Out of 2020 Race

  1. In case you missed it, Hillary Clinton decided not to run in 2020. Apparently, the third time won’t be the charm.

I predicted this “new” development. Indeed I said a while back that Hillary Clinton has as much chance of being a presidential candidate as Stormy Daniels.

Clinton’s only chance at being president died a very welcome death in 2016. The Obama administration teed up the win for her, and she blew it. She had to cheat Bernie Sanders to get the nomination. Then after massive skullduggery, Clinton caved against Trump.

Perhaps there was some pipe dream that Clinton would regain the crown if now President Trump were thrown out. Insiders relied on the Russian collusion onslaught they hoped would torpedo Trump. But after that political assassination attempt failed, other Obama-holdover swamp rats implemented the coup plot. But they greatly miscalculated.

If Trump were a mere political mortal, he’d be rotting away in some federal prison. And ou can bet that Leftists relish in that thought. However, as Trump proved during the campaign, he’s not only prepared to fight, but to win.

So Trump bought rope (and bleach), and gave the Democrats enough of the rope to hang themselves. And those “Jussie Smolletts” happily obliged.

Trump’s setup.

They baited Trump to fire Mueller. He cleverly declined, knowing that Democrats’ reverence for Mueller would be both Mueller’s and the Democrats’ undoing. They touted Mueller as the most honest man in DC (a low bar to drag one’s feet over to say the least).

And “the most honest man in DC” predictably stacked his team with Trump-hating, Hillary Clinton-loving pawns.

The Democrats continued selling their “two white guys beat me up” story of Russian collusion, as their house of cards fell faster than Smollett’s career or Hillary Clinton on the campaign on 9-11 of 2016, take your pick.

Which brings me back to Hillary Clinton.

If anyone, repeat anyone evaluates Clinton’s connection to the Russians, you wonder why she hasn’t moved to where there is no extradition to the U.S.

The end is near for the Clinton Gang and all her supporters. Mueller has nothing, and that embarrassing fact will soon be revealed. This is why Congressman Jerry “Attack Rat” Nadler now chases his tail, asking 81 people associated with Trump to give up their goods.

In case Nadler (and Schiff) hadn’t notice, nobody is afraid of them any more. Even David Axelrod warned the Democrats twice.

First he warned of obstructionism in Jan 2017,

Asked for his advice to Democrats in Washington, Axelrod cautioned against taking a similar obstructionist path that Republicans on Capitol Hill deployed during Obama’s presidency. Further erosion of public faith in government, he said, will impact the philosophy of Democrats the most. So he advised Democrats to fight Trump on principles but not to advocate for legislative gridlock.

Clearly Democrats failed to heed this warning.

So “The Axe” issued another warning, this one involving overreach, calling the latest ploy by the Democrats a “witch hunt”:

David Axelrod, who served as senior adviser to former President Barack Obama, criticized House Democrats on Monday for their blanket demand for documents from more than 80 people associated with President Trump, warning it could play into the characterization of a witch hunt.

“Maybe I’m missing something, but the hazard of an omnibus document demand by House judiciary versus discreet, serial ones is that, however legitimate the areas of inquiry, the wide-ranging nature of it is too easily plays into the ‘witch-hunt’ meme,” he tweeted.

What happens when this Russian collusion eventually gets pointed at the right people?

Hillary Clinton is asking herself that very question. Because if a high-level Leftist operative like Axelrod sees the farce as witch hunt, the public eventually needs to see a witch.

Hillary Clinton provides the first clue. And there will be others who decide to stand outside the blast zone. While the Democrat field of potential candidates included everybody 8 to 80, blind, cripple, and crazy, we begin to see them leaving faster than a white woman in Compton.

Soon few will want to be associated with the party who attempted a coup of President Trump. Moreover, the levels to which the Left sank to get Trump will be studied for millennia.

Democrats’ blind faith in their corruption killed their party. And the carnage is easier to spot than a mole on your forehead.

The Clinton Dynasty ended. Barack Obama’s legacy lies in tatters, with only the most devout holding on to threads. Ask any Democrat who leads the party and see what answers you get.

The Democrats proved to be the party of elite whites and far-Left lunatics.


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