Trump Challengers 2020: Democrats Shills or Braindead Morons

There are only two types of people who would dare challenge President Trump for the Republican nomination in 2020. Democrat shills or braindead morons.

Why would any Republican want to challenge the best president in modern history. And so I am clear, if Obama had Trump’s record, I would be saying this about him.

If Leftists confessed, they would admit to what I just expressed. Instead, they roll out the most pathetic group of losers to challenge Trump, since he kick the crap out of that last loser. Sadly, Hillary Clinton is actually better candidate than any of the Democrat “contenders”. And I’m talking about the disgraced Hillary Clinton, not pre-determined to be the winner.

Frankly, Democrats are using 2020 to get as many people in the game as possible. But they know they won’t win the presidency. Moreover, they know without cheating they can’t hold the House.

So what’s a disgraced party to do, when the truth follows them like a shadow on a sunny day? They must make it appear that the trouble is in the other camp.

So look at what the cat dragged in.

According to Fox News:

MANCHESTER, N.H. — Gov. Larry Hogan appears to have the first-in-the-nation presidential primary state on his mind, as the Maryland Republican increasingly flirts with a potential primary challenge against President Trump.

Fox News confirmed that Hogan’s camp has been involved in talks to appear at “Politics and Eggs,” a well-known speaking series held at the New Hampshire Institute of Politics at Saint Anselm College that is a must-stop for White House hopefuls.

A source with knowledge of the conversations said they’ve been underway for a few weeks but “no dates or timeframe has been discussed.”

Hogan won re-election last November to a second four-year term steering the reliably blue state of Maryland, while indirectly criticizing the president during his January inauguration. He has not sought to quiet the speculation about a possible primary bid.

Larry Hogan? Who the heck is he?

He’s less known than pre-attack Jussie Smollett. Yet he believes he can mount a challenge to President Trump?

CNN certainly hopes so.

The political world is focused on the ever-growing Democratic 2020 field, all jockeying for their chance to beat President Donald Trump next November. But it looks increasingly likely that Trump is going to have to clear a major hurdle before he even gets there: A primary challenge from Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan.

And here’s why they say Hogan is suddenly a contender:

1) Hogan was invited to speak at the “Politics & Eggs” gathering held by the New Hampshire Institute of Politics at Saint Anselm College. A spokeswoman for Hogan told the Baltimore Sun that Hogan is interested in attending, but no date had been set.

2) In Washington for the National Governors Association winter meeting this weekend, Hogan went off on the Republican National Committee for its recent move to curtail the chances of a serious primary challenge to Trump. “Typically they try to be fair arbiters of a process, and I’ve never seen anything like it and I’ve been involved in the Republican Party for most of my life. It’s unprecedented,” he told Politico. “And in my opinion it’s not the way we should be going about our politics.” Hogan added: “The question is, what are they afraid of?”

So a man does a couple of events, and he’s a Leftist folk hero?

Before Logan declared, The Week offered 5 other potential candidates. 

1. John Kasich

Background: Two-term governor of Ohio, former congressman, failed 2016 GOP presidential candidate, former talk-show host, dad-joke luminary

Chance of running: 80 percent

2. Jeff Flake

Background: Lame-duck Republican senator, moaner about government waste, guy with Dickensian surname

Chance of running: 40 percent

3. Ben Sasse

Background: First-term Republican senator, former consultant, university president, and alleged “historian”

Chance of running: 25 percent

4. Ted Cruz

Background: Recently re-elected senator, former Texas solicitor general, Bush administration lawyer, and debate team nerd

Chance of running: 35 percent

5. Evan McMullin

Background: Former low-level CIA operative and minor GOP House staffer, failed 2016 independent conservative candidate

Chance of running: 30 percent

Not a single one of these people will run, including Kasich. But the Left so need to make Republicans not believe in Trump, they attempt to create a rift.

Now watch over the next year as The Week’s article proves to be a Leftist wet dream.


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