Trump Strategy: Democrats BURNING CASH on Flock of Losers

It’s fun watching Utopia burn. I hope Democrats can live on their fraudulent win in the House for the remainder of the year. Because 2019 won’t get any prettier for Leftists

To say Democrats have had a bad week one must ignore all the other weeks in 2019…so far. And it’s about to get worse.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez needs a leash. And Democrat leadership will soon slap a muzzle on her that will be reminiscent of Hannibal Lecter’s. It’s already beginning to happen, as AOC finds herself in a bit of a campaign finance pickle. Unless she gets on board with her new plantation owner, Nancy Pelosi, AOC might find herself out in the cold.

But AOC is not the Democrats’ only problem headed into the 2020 election cycle. Unlike Obama’s reelection, President Trump will be riding an upgraded Trump Train. The economy will continue to hum, and sadly for Leftists, Trump’s foreign policy continues to yield massive dividends.

The “trade war” spins in favor of the U.S. And luckily for President Trump, losing less equates to winning. Even if he doesn’t eradicate the almost $800 billion trade deficit, by reducing it substantially, he wins.

Putting $500 billion annually back into the economy is better than getting kicked in the naughty bits. Interestingly, Obama didn’t seem to mind, proving him to be the eunuch he is.

Add to this all the other savings that continue to spur economic growth, and Democrats certainly won’t be mentioning the economy during this election cycle. So what is their plan.

The Green New Deal flopped. So not sure how they plan to steal trillions on that deal. Further, President Trump’s new Green Czar is not a disciple of the “settled science” of the previous feckless administration.

A few Democrats now consider reparations a campaign talking point. Kamala “Jamaican slave-owner” Harris offered reparations to get the black vote, as did Elizabeth “Fake Indian” Warren. Do I really need to explain the ironies of these two wanting reparations for others?

As for Harris, she recently begged for enough money to get her to New Hampshire. I hope she gets her funding. Warren’s fundraising woes should have her dropping out soon, though again, I hope she too stays the course.

Bernie Sanders is said to be raising quite a bit, and rumors have Biden entering the race in April. To all Leftists, I say “Jump on board!”. The more the merrier.

I love seeing these clowns chew through money. With no clear leader, they will all believe they stand a chance. In truth, they lost on the flop as Trump made his royal flush.

If Howard “Democrat no more!” Schultz officially joins, then the Democrats will have even more trouble. Schultz might siphon a percent or two from Trump, but he will definitely hurt the Democrats a lot more.

Hillary Clinton ran the most expensive campaign in history and lost. She had few competitors, with Bernie Sanders offering the only serious competition. However in 2020, Democrats will field at least a dozen candidates. Collectively, they may outspend themselves from the 2016 loss.

Meanwhile, President Trump stands at the bully pulpit. Daily he maneuvers the news cycle to his will. He has truly become a master of the media. And he’s only getting better.






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