AG Barr Gives Democrats What They Demanded

Democrats have more to worry about in mid-April than running from the tax man.

After pretending to want the Mueller Report released, Democrats’ date of destruction occurs in mid-April.

According to The Washington Post:

Special counsel Robert S. Mueller III’s report detailing his investigation of President Trump and Russia’s election interference will be delivered to Congress by mid-April, Attorney General William P. Barr said Friday in a letter to lawmakers offering important new details about how the document will be edited before its public release.

“Everyone will soon be able to read it on their own,” Barr wrote.

And that’s what the Democrats fear most. People will soon get to make their own judgments over the attempted coup.

As we know already, their cries of “this report doesn’t exonerate Trump” have fallen on deaf ears. Further, the threat of more investigations on Trump doesn’t poll well.

But the news gets worse, as President Trump agrees to let the report be seen.

“Although the president would have the right to assert privilege over certain parts of the report, he has stated publicly that he intends to defer to me and, accordingly, there are no pans to submit the report to the White House for a privilege review,” Barr wrote.

Clearly the Democrats bet on the strategy that President Trump wouldn’t want the report made public. Obviously this was a flawed tactic, given that Trump professed his innocence since the witch hunt began. So now what?

I say to Democrats, “Hemlock or cyanide…pick your poison.”.

The Democrats finds themselves with two untenable choices. In both scenarios they die an excruciatingly painful death.

Then Trump puts the nail in the coffin of Adam Schiff.

I wrote recently that President Trump now turns the tables on the Democrats, and specifically Congressman Adam Schiff. Not long ago he called Schiff a “political hack”. Those were the strongest words he used against the Democrats’ attack dog.

Then only a few days ago while speaking at a MAGA rally in Michigan, the president called Schiff a “pencil neck”. The president is upping the rhetoric.

Also, he tweets often about this “sham” investigation, and that we need to now look into the Clintons. “Look into the Clintons” is code for “look into the Obama administration”.

By focusing on Schiff, the president now has a singular target to bring down. He can now stalk the man. And I said on my radio show the other day that the president will soon issue an ultimatum to Schiff: Produce the evidence you say you have and do it immediately. God forbid if Trump actually sues Schiff for slander.

Suffice it to say, things will heat up against the Democrats.

And for Americans long awaiting justice in this as well as many other Obama-era scandals, hold on to your popcorn.

Democrats got what they really didn’t want. So mid-April after the tax checks have been received invest in a comfortable lounger. Then sit back and watch the fireworks.

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