AOC Offers Another Bonehead Leftist Idea

Why shouldn’t the IRS do your taxes for you, as freshman Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez suggests.

After all, the government does what it wants with your money. So why not have them decide what you get back?

And while their at it, should you actually qualify to get your money back in the form of a refund, why not have the IRS check the box that you want to GIVE your money to the government?!

Here’s how AOC explains her proposal:

“Long-term, we should be looking at a solution where everyday people do not necessarily have to spend hours every year preparing tax returns, when the majority of Americans have relatively simple and straight-forward returns,” she added.

Another private-sector solution that AOC believes the government can perform better. Isn’t that Leftists’ ideas about everything? The government is so good at things, why not allow them to control it all.

So what happens to H&R Block, Taxslayer, Jackson-Hewitt to name a few tax preparation companies?

And what about the independent accountants who rely on this business, earning much of their income at tax time.

Currently, the IRS offers a service called Free File for certain qualifying, lower-income taxpayers. It offers this service through authorized third-party providers, including companies like H&R Block.

Frankly, you could simply taxes to “Check Yes or No”, and 47 percent of the country would still need help filling out the form. Such is the state of education in America.

The Fed created the 1040-EZ form, yet AOC argues for something simpler than this? Have you seen this form? All you need to be able to do is read, and you can do your taxes in 5 minutes.

Understand, I’m no fan of the complicated tax process. I’d like to see a much simpler system for everybody. However, I am much less of a fan of allowing government any more intrusions into my life. And certainly not my taxes.

Look at what the IRS under Obama did to Conservatives. Obama’s IRS targeted us. They did this in order to prevent us from kicking their sorry asses out of office.

Further, bipartisan reform legislation currently advances through Congress – The Taxpayers First Act. This legislation contains a provision that would prevent the IRS from creating free tax preparation software to compete with private-sector offerings from companies like TurboTax.

Taxes are big business. Oh the irony.

ProPublica notes that a free program provided by the IRS could cut into the profits of private tax software businesses. According to the publication, Intuit and H&R Block spent $6.6 million on lobbying related to IRS filing and they also contributed $16,000 to House Ways and Means Committee chair Richard Neal (D-Mass.) over the last two election cycles.

Understand that AOC wants to simplify things for the “little man”. But what about people with complicated tax issues? Isn’t that really where the time-sink occurs?

That would mean an overhaul of the IRS. Imagine a simplified tax system like a flat tax or the Fair Tax? A system where most Americans actually paid some tax, albeit small for the 47-percenters. Imagine a system that did away with the ability for the IRS to act as it did during the Era of Obama?

Don’t expect AOC to lobby for the people, and ask that America’s tax system get an overhaul. Because she and other Leftists love the complicated system that runs much like the Mafia, making Americans a choice we can’t refuse.

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