AOC CRUSHING Democrats Dismal Chances in 2020

Democrats promote the lie until it becomes the truth. And such is their strategy with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Clearly the dumbest congressperson, AOC represents Democrats well. Since they can’t control her, they find themselves in a bind. Thus, they respond by trying to make America believe she’s actually the Second Coming of Barack Obama.

Truth be told, Democrats regret the First Coming of Barack Obama.

Despite the obvious flaws in the Green New Deal, AOC continues her rant with Democrats’ support.

As The Daily Mail reported,

Democrat firebrand Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is amping up her call for the White House to address climate change – comparing the nation’s swift response to terror attacks with its slow reaction to natural disasters.

The freshman congresswoman compared the government’s reaction to 9/11 with the slow and unorganized response to Puerto Rico after the island was hit by the deadly Hurricane Maria in 2017.

‘In the events of September 11, 2001, thousands of Americans died in the largest terrorist attack on US soil and our national response, whether we agree with it or not, was to go to war in one then eventually two countries,’ she said during an ‘All In’ town hall at the Albert Einstein Medical Center in the Bronx on Friday hosted by  MSNBC’s Chris Hayes.

‘3,000 Americans died in Puerto Rico in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria. Where is our response?’ she added as the crowd erupted with applause.

So for AOC comparing natural disasters that occur “naturally” are on par with terrorist attacks.

While the death tolls may be close, AOC seems to forget the differences.

First, the obvious and already stated- One incident is a naturally occurring event where the other is a man-made event. And while AOC and other lunatic climate change fanatics may see hurricanes as man-made, I and 100 percent of real experts disagree.

Second, the naturally occurring hurricane happens during HURRICANE SEASON, and gives people notice of its presence. Terrorists don’t give notice.

Democrats like AOC obsess with idiocy like climate change, with little regard for meteorological facts like WEATHER. Further, they almost wholly disregard the actuality of terrorists in our midst, preferring to ignore obvious problems.

Thus, America must deal with farting cows and lack of air travel in order to save the planet. I suggest AOC check with Hollywood, because despite fossil fuels, they continue to make movies about THE FUTURE. So apparently we survive in the end.

Clearly AOC wants to shift the discussion away from her declaration of the world ending in 12 years. Also, she wants us to forget that her Green New Deal would cost $93 trillion to implement, notwithstanding it is completely unachievable in 10 years, or even 50 years for that matter.

Such is the “future of the Democratic Party”, to quote DNC Chairman Tom Perez. AOC represents Democrats well- offering solutions that can’t be achieved due to technology and costs.

AOC Sucks

As we’ve learned, AOC is an actress, paid to play a part. And her ultimate goal is to land the part of President. Of course, she’s 7 years away from being legally allowed to run, if she plans to follow the rules. Obama ran without a birth certificate. Thus, I’m sure AOC can bypass the age guidelines if she so chooses.

And why not let her run? Her goals as President include wearing big hoop earrings, donning bright red lipstick, and eliminating steak dinners.

She has no other independent ideas.

In fact, sources say AOC wasn’t even present when her Green New Deal was drafted. Which makes her die-hard support of the idea so perplexing. But that’s exactly how AOC earned her battle cry.

Hillary has “lock her up.” And Alexandria has “AOC sucks.”



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