Bad Day for Thugs: File Under “Why We Carry Guns”

I love this video. It showcases everything Conservatives preach about the good guys versus the bad guys.

Two Leftists enter a store to rob it. This fact represents the first clue that they are indeed Leftists.

The next clue is Leftists rarely consider the outcome. And in this case, things backfire quickly, as the video shows.

Check out how these two clowns were dressed.

Both wore hoodies. Remember during the Trayvon Martin Era, the hoodie represented “good black kids” just going to the grocery store to get their skittles.

Just like these two.

On to the Leftist clerk.

It’s obvious he’s a Leftist. First, he appears to be a Middle Eastern immigrant. I know…not definitive, but I’m 99 percent sure he’s a Leftist. And here’s my next clue.

Seeing two black men with hoodies obscuring their faces approaching, the clerk does nothing. He sees nothing suspicious about the duo?

Only a Leftist would be trained in such nonsense. But the next clue can’t be overlooked.

The clerk surrenders.

He just throws up his hands, even as one guy jumps the counter where he could have used gravity to slam this fool down to the ground.

I’m not saying put your life in danger for convenience store items, but at least consider it before just throwing up your hands. He gave NO thought to protecting himself or the store. In fact, let’s just say the clerk was IN ON IT!

So now the robbers are behind the counter. Thus, they are free to rob the store. But then a Conservative shows up.

Yes, the black security guard is a Conservative, and here are your clues.

First, he enters the store and quickly assesses the situation. 

Second, he acts. Yes, it’s really that simple for Conservatives. In this case, there are two robbers, potentially armed as was our protagonist. He doesn’t hesitate. Instead, the security guard shoots the robbers.

Watch the video again, and you will see the guard shoot the first guy from the door. Then he walks up to the second guy and shoots him.

A Leftist would have issued warnings. Then perhaps a Leftist would have tried to reason with the robbers, and set up a coffee date. Dude just shot the sh*t out of these thugs.

The next clue that the security guard is a Conservative is what he says after the thugs declare their weapons to be fake.

The guards says, “Mine is real.”

He didn’t say it excitedly, but matter of fact.

A win for the Second Amendment.

That’s what this video shows. Good guys with guns defeating bad guys with fake guns. Guns save lives and are the great equalizer.




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