BOMBSHELL Report on Comey Coming Soon

Soon America will know the obvious about James Comey and his criminal leadership of the FBI.

Despite a Herculean effort by the fake news media to cover up for Comey, et al, the jig is up. Maybe.

According to former U.S. attorney for the District of Columbia Joe diGenova, we can expect a “bombshell” report on disgraced former FBI Director James Comey.

Referring to the Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz’ report on the FISA investigation, DiGenova made the declaration during a Fox News panel discussion on now proven government surveillance abuse.

“The Horowitz report is coming out in May or possibly early June.”

“There’s another report that everyone has forgotten about involving James Comey alone,” diGenova said. “That will be out in two weeks. That report is going to be a bombshell. It is going to open up the investigation on a very high note, and there are going to be criminal referrals in it.”

I commented on my radio show that I’m happy to hear somebody with diGenova’s insider knowledge say what most Americans know. Comey was an integral part of the coup attempted against President Trump. Only a fool would believe otherwise.

As for diGenova, he didn’t elaborate on what report he expects out in two weeks. Nor did he explain how he got details on the his info on the timeline for its release.

But what do we know of the investigation?

U.S. Attorney John Huber is conducting an investigation into FBI misconduct. This occurred in March 2018, when in a letter, Republicans in Congress asked then-Attorney General Sessions to appoint a second special counsel to look into “certain decisions made and not made by the Department of Justice and FBI in 2016 and 2017”. The Republicans believed there was “evidence of bias, trending toward animus, among those charged with investigating serious cases.”

Session chose instead to appoint Huber to investigate while not making him special counsel.

As for Huber’s past, he served in both Democratic and Republican administrations as a career prosecutor. And he is a holdover from the Obama administration.

In March 2017, shortly after Jeff Session took charge of the Justice Department, he asked for the resignations of 46 US attorneys who were previous administration holdovers. Originally appointed by President Barack Obama in 2015, Huber offered his resignation, leaving his fate in the hands of the DOJ.

So far there has been little speculation about Huber’s role. However, we will soon know much more.

But is Huber the answer? Some don’t think so.

As Spectator reported,

The silence from Huber’s office is ‘very weird,’ an intelligence source said. ‘Nobody knows a damn thing.’

The Spectator USA asked the Department of Justice whether they could provide an update on what work counsel has undertaken, if they have contacted any members of Congress or responded to their requests, and what has been done in the last 18 months. Spokesperson Wyn Hornbuckle responded only, ‘we have no updates at this time.’

This is exceedingly strange, because there should be something to show for 18 months of work, legal analysts say.

‘There should be some proof of life,’ said Andrew Leipold, a law professor at the University of Illinois who worked with special counsel Kenneth W. Starr on the Whitewater investigation.

‘We should see people going in and out of his building, people interviewed leaking to the press, or a target calling a press conference,’ he added. ‘The fact that none of that has happened is puzzling.’

So where has Huber been? More importantly, why aren’t we getting updates?

People rode Mueller’s ass on both sides of the aisle. But only Republicans want to know what Huber is up to? This reeks of Leftism, because nobody’s talking.

Some witnesses and their attorneys assert that Huber’s appointment a year and a half ago was meant to silence Republicans while shielding the Obama administration FBI and Department of Justice officials from true scrutiny.

‘At the time, people wanted a special counsel, but Jeff Sessions announced he brought in Huber and people said, “OK, we got Huber on it,”’ said former Justice Department prosecutor Victoria Toensing. ‘But it was a head fake.’

Toensing now works in private practice and represents a Uranium One whistleblower and FBI informant Doug Campbell. Neither Campbell nor Toensing have been contacted by Huber, despite Campbell’s claims to have evidence that the Russians secured US-based uranium rights in a quid pro quo scheme with the Clinton foundation.

Huber ‘should have contacted Doug Campbell within the first two months’ of being assigned, Toensing said. ‘It’s a farce. It’s an embarrassment how this has been handled.’

I’m wondering the same thing. But it gets worse.

Two other Clinton Foundation whistleblowers offered to turn over 6,000 pages of evidence. But, they heard nothing back from the Department for several months, despite reaching out repeatedly. The Department only responded after Republican leaders raised the alarm in the media. Similarly, private financial-crimes investigators Lawrence Doyle and John Moynihan say they sent evidence of alleged Clinton foundation pay-for-play schemes, tax fraud, and misappropriation of funds to Huber’s office by mail in April and again in May, but heard nothing back. They were told the materials had been ‘lost’ when they followed up. So, they re-sent them by FedEx in October. Finally, they received a call on November 30 that an assistant US attorney would ‘review’ it.

Deepening the mystery, the Justice Department just found the document authorizing Huber to look into how the department handled the Clinton Foundation and Uranium One, after claiming no such document existed. The Department testified in Federal court that ‘when the Attorney General directed Mr Huber to evaluate these matters, no written guidance or directives were issued to Mr Huber in connection with this directive, either by the Attorney General, or by other senior leadership office staff.’ But in response to a Freedom of Information (FOIA) request, a DOJ lawyer now says they found the document that started Huber’s work.

Let’s hope diGenova knows more than we do. Because this Huber investigation smells like a rat.

We will soon know a lot more about Huber. And so will AG Barr.


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