Chris Rock SLAMS Jussie Smollett at NAACP Image Awards

The NAACP put out a memo for nobody to criticize Jussie Smollett at their Image Awards gala. Imagine having to tell black Leftists to lay off the “Gay Tupac”.

The black frauds at the NAACP wanted nobody to highlight the scam that Smollett tried to pull. Because doing so might remind people that Smollett lied about pro-Trump white people attacking him.

Unfortunately for the NAACP, as The Daily Mail reported, Chris Rock broke the rules.

Chris Rock made jabs at Jussie Smollett just moments before he presented the award for the outstanding comedy series to ABC’s ‘black-ish’ at the 50th NAACP Image Awards on Saturday.

Smollett, who lost to ‘Grey’s Anatomy‘ star Jessie Williams in the supporting actor in a drama series category, did not attend the awards.

‘They said no Jussie Smollett jokes,’ Rock said.

‘Yeah, I know, but what a waste of light skin. Do you know what I could do with that light skin?

‘That curly hair, my career would be out of here. I would be running Hollywood. What the hell was he thinking?’ Rock said.

In that comment Rock pointed out what many black people know. A guy with Smollett’s looks should “own” Hollywood.

Apparently Smollett has it all except talent and drive to work to accomplish his goals.

Instead, Smollett uses ruses to get ahead. And his deception has no bounds, as we documented in his identity theft of his brother.

If you need a better idea into the pathology of Jussie Smollett, take a look at his past.

To get out of trouble, this clown stole his brother’s identity, when pulled over by police in 2007.

As The Daily Mail reported:

Jussie Smollett lied to police in 2007 by claiming he was his younger brother Jake after being pulled over for a DUI, it has emerged.

The actor pleaded no contest to giving false information in addition to driving under the influence and driving without a valid license, according to records obtained by NBC. 

That’s what Smollett did to his own family. Any surprise he willingly tried to condemn two white pro-Trump people?

My bet is Smollett would sell his sisters as sex slaves if he could improve his career.

Rock buys none of Smollett’s story.

‘You are known as “Jessie” for now on. You don’t even get the “u” anymore. That “u” was for respect. You ain’t getting no respect from me,’ Rock added.

I learned recently that black acting hack and “star” of the buffoonish show Blackish, Anthony Anderson remains supportive of Smollett. And apparently so does one of the show’s other cast members.

The article continues,

In response to Rock’s jokes, ‘black-ish’ star Yara Shahidi made her stance in the Smollett controversy obvious.

‘I stand with Jussie,’ Shahidi said before she handed the microphone to Marcus Scribner and ducked into her crowd of castmates including Anthony Anderson and Tracee Ellis Ross.

Let’s be clear that anybody standing with Smollett is a ethnocentric black racist, a f*cking moron, or both.

So for the Hollyweirdos who might care about their Q-scores, understand that Chris Rock isn’t the only person who gets it.

The cards pulled to “exonerate” Smollett backfired, as much as learning the truth about his story did early on. And when black Leftist comedians start calling out the “light-skin” Negroes, you know things are bad for the Left.

I anxiously await the ramifications sure to come from the State’s Attorney who let Smollett go. Also, I’m pleased to know that America is “woke” to the nonsense of the Left, as Rock certainly indicates.

Let’s see who else on the Left joins Chris Rock in rightfully slamming Smollett.






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