The Republican Clown Challenging President Trump

Let’s keep it real. President Trump has no challengers in 2020 on either side of the aisle. But the entry of former two-term Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld makes me laugh.

Truthfully, Weld represents the 19th Democrat in the field.

It worth mentioning Weld spent some time as Mueller’s superior back in the 80s at the DOJ, which may explain why Weld is determined to make headlines with claims that the Mueller report chronicles obstruction by Trump.

Interestingly, he’d likely fare better as a Democrat, than feebly challenging the president.

Nevertheless, according to Weld, he’s running so that Democrats can pretend that the president doesn’t have a clear runway to his second term.

Weld says Trump needs to be challenged in 2020 because he has been “very destructive” to American priorities over the past two years.

Weld announced his primary challenge against President Donald Trump recently. The announcement contained all the hoopla of a pig race.

“You ask him some questions, like, why do you think it’s good to insult our military allies, why do you praise dictators?” Weld told MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”

Only a moron would say something so stupid. Which is why I say that Weld is the 19th Democrat in the field. Those are Democrat talking points, and as asinine as a belief that Trump colluded with the Russians.

Weld continued,

“Is it because you wish the United States was more dictatorial? I’m afraid that might be the case. Why are you so angry about everything all the time?”

Angry? Trump is cooler than the underside of the pillow.

It’s amazing how he keeps his cool with the constant attacks by braindead moronic Leftists. Yet even under attack, President Trump continues to perform like a rock star.

Curiously, why don’t any media hosts ask specific questions about what bothers these losers? Apparently Weld doesn’t like that President Trump held NATO to task? Demanded our partners pay their bills?

If Weld is asked for specifics against Trump, he would look like a fool. He has no real beef with the president. And if he were truthful, he’d admit that he’s a tool of the Left. Also, that his joke of a presidential run is purely symbolic.


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