Con Job Continues: Democrats Subpoena Former White House Counsel

Democrats lie on Trump. They do this by pretending Trump colluded with the Russians to beat Hillary Clinton.

Then, when Trump fights back against the lies, Democrats declare he’s obstructed the lie.

In other words, how DARE Donald Trump wage a defense against a Democrat setup, and Trump’s inevitable impeachment?

Democrats prove in this con job that there is no debt to which they will sink to disgrace an innocent man. And I thought the Kavanaugh hearings were rock bottom.

Now, according to CNBC, Democrats want more embarrassment for themselves.

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Rep. Jerry Nadler of New York on Monday announced that the judiciary committee had issued a subpoena to former White House Counsel Donald McGahn for testimony and documents related to the committee’s investigation into potential obstruction of justice by President Donald Trump.

The subpoena comes days after a partially redacted copy of special counsel Robert Mueller’s report was released to the public.

“Mr. McGahn is a critical witness to many of the alleged instances of obstruction of justice and other misconduct described in the Mueller report,” Nadler said in a statement. “His testimony will help shed further light on the President’s attacks on the rule of law, and his attempts to cover up those actions by lying to the American people and requesting others do the same.”

McGahn can’t offer any more if the Democrats got the FBI to raid his office. And don’t think they didn’t likely try.

These clowns have moved from Cohen to McGahn in their ruse. I would love to be in the planning meetings for these moves by the Democrats. As they grasp at (outlawed) straws time and again.

What could McGahn possibly say that will change things. Whatever Trump said to him would be either (1) privileged, or (2) validate what we already know–Trump in NO way colluded with the Russians or obstructed Mueller’s investigation.

But that won’t stop the crazy Democrats. Obviously, Trump forced their hands when he made them fight back.

Therefore, what happens after McGahn states the obvious? As I said earlier, he can use attorney-client privilege and rightfully so. Or he might just make the case that his client tired of the attempted bullying by Leftists, and did what anybody would do in their own defense: SPEAK OUT!

Democrats must love the smell of their own desperation.

Because they now bathe in it routinely. Do they really believe America doesn’t see their scam for what it is.

Polls show that their own party is disgusted with them, and Independents side with Trump in droves. If Democrats keep this up, Trump won’t need to fundraise for re-election, as the Democrats will hand him his second term.

The Mueller Report completely and unequivocally exonerated Trump. No collusion, no obstruction. And I’m curious what the Democrats’ response will be when the worm officially turns on them? Because a special counsel awaits in their future.


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