19 and Counting: Democrats Add ANOTHER Candidate

Actually there are 20 Democrats running for president. Interestingly, their top candidates either haven’t entered or already dropped out.

Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo bailed early. And rightfully so, given that he would face scrutiny he’s never seen in his life. Better to leave that cat in the bag. 

Also, former Mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg cashed in his chips. He now mocks the present lot of hapless Leftist rubes.

Finally, another Democrat power-broker Terry McAuliffe recently announced that he would defer to the cast of misfit and miscreants vying to run against President Trump.

Most politicos are not surprised by McAuliffe dropping out. His ties to the Clintons put him in a precarious position. He’ll be lucky not to get hit with flying debris from the inevitable blast zone of the Clinton expose.

As I’ve argued, for any of these three not to enter the race shows a couple of things. One, they don’t believe they can win. Or two, they are so tainted, they can’t enter.

Well, there is a third option: both one and two.

So Democrats continue to get the dregs. The most recent add is Rep. Seth Moulton (D-MA).

Moulton is much like Beto in that he failed to unseat Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House. But his loss didn’t sway his dreams of occupying the Oval Office.

As Roll Call reports:

Rep. Seth Moulton, a Massachusetts congressman known for prioritizing veterans issues and for an unsuccessful push to unseat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, declared his bid for the White House on Monday.

In announcing his candidacy, Moulton becomes the 19th Democrat in the race.

In a campaign video, Moulton, 40, touted his experience as a Marine Corps veteran who served three tours in Iraq as an infantry officer before becoming an aide to Gen. David Petraeus, then the top U.S. commander in Iraq, during the troop surge in 2007.

Moulton represents the “new” Democrat strategy of running military Leftists. They hope Conservatives will fall for the ruse, believing military Democrats to be more moderate, ergo electable.

The article continues,

Moulton has since been critical of the Iraq War and of U.S. involvement in the Middle East under President Donald Trump.

“I realized a lot of Americans are feeling betrayed by Washington, the same way we did in Iraq,” Moulton said in the video. “Ask anyone who’s lost their job to a changing economy or a child to opioids or has to choose between heat and food in the winter, they’re feeling forgotten.”

So Moulton believes in the Trump policy as it relates to military occupation? And about everything else?

What’s his gimmick?

The article continues,

A member of the House Armed Services Committee, Moulton will run his campaign “through VFW halls” with a focus on national security issues, the 6th District Democrat told The Atlantic.

Does Moulton believes he can siphon military votes from President Trump?

According to the Boston Herald, Moulton believes Trump should be impeached. Thus, he wouldn’t have to face Trump in 2020. He’d face Trump’s replacement.

In fact, Moulton went as far as to say “we have a commander in chief that we fundamentally can’t trust.”

I hate to point out the obvious here, but Moulton just implied democrats are more trustworthy than the president.

So should we trust the Commander in Chief who freed terrorists on his way out the door? Or should we believe Crooked Hillary? She linked to more dead bodies than Donald Trump has dollars.

But his poor judgment is likely a moot point.

It’s all about priorities!

Moulton has his eyes on the Oval Office, but chances are, he won’t even be able to keep his seat in Congress.

As the Boston Herald explains:

The Salem lawmaker is likely to face an intra-party challenge for his congressional seat in 2020, and could be even more vulnerable now because he’ll be spending weeks away from his constituents on the White House trail.

Moulton should be keeping an especially close eye on former state Sen. Barbara L’Italien, who has been a tough critic and now has another issue to run on: Moulton’s absence from his district.

“I’m disappointed but not surprised that Seth has decided again to follow his personal ambition instead of his district,” L’Italien said in a statement to the Herald yesterday. “Seth has failed to deliver for his district, failed spectacularly in his attempts to remove Nancy Pelosi as speaker, and I think so far failed to put forth a compelling reason why he’s qualified to be president.”

That’s pretty harsh but L’Italien is not alone in criticizing Moulton. The third-term Democrat definitely has some fences to mend if he’s forced to come slinking back to his constituents after losing the White House contest.

Moulton claims he’s not a socialist and doesn’t want to end private insurance, which makes him unappealing to a lot of democrats. But he’s full of plenty of leftism. In fact, he wants felons to vote. Further, he supports abolishing the Electoral College. And Moulton is big on the anti-Trump campaign. Still, when his own party isn’t gung-ho for Moulton, I take that as a sign that he won’t be the last liberal standing.

If Moulton’s smart, he’ll drop out now and do his best to maintain his seat in Congress. He doesn’t does stand a chance against Trump, and any effort to face-off against the President will only be career suicide.




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