Democrat Presidential Loser Field Narrows

Believe it or not, there are some Democrats smart enough to avoid the 2020 ass-kicking by Trump.

While the field continues to grow, at a point in the very near future the field will narrow. And it won’t be during the debates.

Soon many Democrats will realize their futility of beating President Trump, and they will take their money and run. Trust me, Robert “O’Shady” O’Rourke will bail and take his millions, hoping to get another run at Senator Ted Cruz. O’Rourke will never defeat Cruz, for those wondering.

Many other Democrats will realize the writing on the wall. I predict Elizabeth Warren will be the first notable to drop out. It won’t take Cory Booker long to realize that Spartacus can’t be a gladiator and a beggar for reparations simultaneously. And frankly, Booker just isn’t likable.

Others will fall for various reasons, and then the field will narrow. But some Democrats know already they have no show.

If you are a serious Democrat, unflawed in the classic sense, there is no better time to test your mettle than now. Yet a prominent name in the Democratic Party has bowed out.

As Yahoo News reported:

Former Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe won’t run for president in 2020, meaning establishment, centrist Democrats will have one less option in a nominating free-for-all that so far has highlighted the party’s leftward shift.

McAuliffe said Wednesday night that instead of joining a crowded Democratic field vying to challenge President Donald Trump, he will concentrate his efforts on helping Democrats win this year in Virginia — with the possibility that he runs for governor or president in the future.

“Where can you help people the most and change people’s lives?” McAuliffe said on CNN, arguing that he could “beat Trump like a rented mule” but doesn’t “want anyone in Virginia to think I’ve abandoned them.”

“I’m staying home to do what I need to do to help Virginians,” he added.

McAuliffe’s decision comes as former Vice President Joe Biden considers whether to enter the 2020 Democratic field. McAuliffe is widely viewed as part of the party’s mainstream, occupying much of the same political space as Biden.

McAuliffe said “most” of the current Democratic candidates could defeat Trump, though Biden was the only potential contender he called out by name. “I love Joe Biden,” he said.

The former governor’s decision also follows a series of scandals that weakened Democrats in Virginia during a key election year, when partisan control of the state legislature is up for grabs.

Who cares if other Democrats can beat Trump, why not McAuliffe? Allow me to speculate.

Perhaps McAuliffe is too closely tied the Clintons? And we know they are under investigation. And unlike the Russian collusion farce, the investigation of the Clinton is neither a witch hunt nor a con job. It’s a serious investigation and there will be blood.

Better that McAuliffe stay as far away from more scrutiny. Unless he likes getting hit by Shrapnel.

So now McAuliffe joins Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York and former Mayor of New York City Mike Bloomberg in not running. Two governors and a billionaire mayor not running.

Democrats now make way for little city mayors and Silicon Valley tech giants? What an embarrassment for the Democrats, who now follow the Republicans in looking for a savior. Sadly for them, their messiah died at the end of 2016, and he won’t rise from the grave.

As for McAuliffe, Cuomo, and Bloomberg, as I said earlier if you want to be president, this is the time to do it. So either they don’t want it or know they can’t have it.

They can’t beat two tired old white men. One who isn’t even a bona fide Democrat?

As for the two Democrat front-runners, they won’t have an easy go. The party signaled multiple times that it doesn’t want old white men, even if one is Left of Lenin.

The Democrats are waiting to eat “the other white meat”. But if they don’t, Trump will feast on their carcasses for sure.



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