Democrats’ Fundraising is PUNCH LINE for President Trump

If SNL needs comedy, I give them Democrats’ fundraising for the 2020 election.

Talk about an indication of the non-excitement that exists for the Party of Slavery and Oppression. Democrats’ fundraising would be an embarrassment, if Trump performed so badly.

Axios compiled fundraising information based on the FEC disclosures. So we know from the report what each Democrat raised.

Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT) leads the pack scoundrels raised  $20.7 million with 74 percent coming from individual donors giving less than $200. Don’t worry, as the “Bernie or Bust” crowd mostly “busted” after Sanders sold out to the Clintons and became a millionaire. I guess socialism can be good…for one.

Next, Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) raised $13.2 million with fundraisers practically begging people to back her. 57 percent of the funds came from individual donations of more than $200. I’m surprised she just doesn’t get a few of her Sugar Daddies to fund her campaign and cut out all the work. Though Harris won’t be the Democrats’ nominee, I’d love to see Trump discuss her sordid past, and her support of Jussie “I’m black and gay” Smollett.

Curiously, Rep. John Delaney (D-MD) showed the most interesting fundraising in the Axios report. Nearly all, 97 percent of his $12.1 million fundraising total listed in the “other” category (as opposed to individual donors or transfers).

Then there are those who hedge their bets. They represent the candidates who appear to have only raised money, instead of transferring from their House or Senate campaigns.

Predictably losing-senate-candidate Robert O’Rourke leads this list. I’ve predicted O’Rourke won’t transfer the funds, as he knows he won’t be the nominee. So now he has two “honey holes” in his get-rich scheme.

After O’Rourke drops out, he will transfer his presidential funds back to his senate campaign like nothing ever happened.

Others on the “I’m not sure I can win” list include, South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg, Washington Gov. Jay Inslee, former Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper, entrepreneur Andrew Yang, author and activist Marianne Williamson, former Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julian Castro, and Miramar Mayor Wayne Messam. All reported that nearly 100% of their fundraising came from individual donors and they are not funding the campaigns from their other war chests, personal or otherwise.

What about Elizabeth Warren. She’s all in, if there ever was any committed Democrat.

Warren came in third place in reported fundraising totals ($16.5 million). But in order to make her campaign look viable, Warren transferred a massive $10.4 most likely from her senate campaign. BAD MOVE!

As I’ve said on my radio show, I love that the Democrats are soaking up funds from one another.

Of the 19 declared candidates (and who knows how many to go), they will spend millions ripping each other apart. Certainly the field will narrow in short order. But the number of candidates and their platforms show just how desperate the Democrats have become.

Fundraising levels indicate whether a candidate can garner national attention. Sanders gets it, because he’s a failed presidential candidate and sellout to Clinton. His campaign runs on muscle-memory that will fade.

As for Harris, the majority of her funds come from California. She’s not a good candidate outside of the most Leftist states, and the Democrats know this. She has the personality of a piranha.

And Joe Biden hasn’t yet entered the fray. When he does, he will suck up more oxygen and funds. But Biden’s entry will trigger a feeding frenzy, as candidates attack him.

They will discuss the failed Obama policies. And worse yet for Biden, his sordid past, where he oppressed women and minorities.

How does fundraising translate in polling average (which includes former Vice President Joe Biden, who hasn’t officially declared yet)?

No surprise, but the currently undeclared candidate leads. Yes, Biden is 8 points ahead of the top fundraiser, Bernie Sanders. Next comes O’Rourke with 8.8 percent, then Harris at 8.5 percent. Buttigieg and Warren are next, at 6 percent each.

Expect more jockeying at the bottom.

Then those candidates with their toe in the water will bail. As the dust settles, expect about six Democrats to stay the course.

As I’ve written, the smartest of the idiot Democrats won’t challenge Trump. Because Democrats will have lots of baggage going into 2020. And there is that bigger problem Democrats face headed into the election cycle.

Trump himself.

Let’s compare all the Democrat challengers so far to President Trump.

The data below is from Open Secrets. The numbers represent Trump’s fundraising through Oct 2018.

With two years to go before the next presidential election, President Donald Trump has already raised an unprecedented amount of money for his 2020 re-election campaign.

Since January 2017, Trump’s fundraising efforts totaled $106 million, and the president finished September with nearly $47 million on hand, according to recent quarterly Federal Election Commission filings.

His campaign committee along with his two joint fundraising committees raised $18.1 million from July to September, filings show.

Donald J Trump for President, the president’s campaign committee, has raised over $60 million since January 2017. His two joint committees, Trump Make America Great Again Committee and Trump Victory, collectively raised over $80 million. The funds from these joint fundraising committees overlap with the campaign committee, and raise money for both Trump and the Republican National Committee.

Many of the donations Trump has received so far are individual contributions under $200, with those small contributions totaling $13 million for his campaign committee and $41 million to the Make America Great Again Committee.

So all Democrats candidates combined have raised $58.5 million, far less than President Trump.

Others have a few million in their current campaign coffers, but have yet to transfer the funds over. And you can bet they won’t DARE transfer funds from winning campaigns to one that is doomed from the git-go.

I’m not sure what remains in Trump’s 2016 election coffers, but does it really matter?! He has raised more than all Democrats…COMBINED!

But the news worsens for Democrats. Compare what Trump’s achievement to that of his last two predecessors.

Comparatively, at this point in their respective first terms, Trump raised millions more than his predecessors.

Obama raised $4 million and only had $2.3 million on hand at the halfway point of his first term in 2010. This underlies the trajectory of Obama at the time. Trump’s future looks far brighter for re-election than Obama’s. And frankly, I still believe Democrats cheated their way to Obama’s 2012 victory.

As for Bush during his midway point in 2002, he raised $3.2 million and had $2.8 million left to spend.

Trump hasn’t really begun to campaign.

Imagine what happens as the Trump campaign gears into overdrive. When they start soliciting funds from the 92 percent of Republicans who fully support him, the 72 percent of Independents, and the 32 percent of Democrats? He will blow the roof off fundraising numbers.

I can hear Trump now.

“We will raise more than anybody. It’s going to be HUGE!”

And the thriftiest politician ever will spend his money wisely. Just like he accomplished in 2016, when he underspent Hillary Clinton by half.

Meanwhile, Democrats burn money, feeding on each other. So how much money will these Leftist clowns spend fighting each other? Millions.

By election time, they will have a fraction of the war chest needed to compete. Truthfully, no amount of money will help them win.

As Obama alluded, Democrats will be their own worst enemy this election cycle.



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