First of MANY Democrats Indicted over Russian Collusion

Democrats always test the water when doom looms. So we get the first indictment and sacrificial lamb on the Left side of the Russian collusion farce.

Don’t get all swept up in emotion, as Democrats hope this sacrifice will stem the angry Conservative horde. It won’t. 

The indictment of Gregory Craig merely rationalizes Mueller’s indictments of those on the Right who were caught in the Shrapnel of the Mueller witch hunt…excuse me, attempted coup.

CNBC reports:

Gregory Craig, who was White House counsel under President Barack Obama, was indicted Thursday on charges of lying and hiding information related to his work for Ukraine.

Craig, a 74-year-old lawyer based in Washington, D.C., was charged by the Justice Department’s Foreign Agents Registration Act, or FARA, unit. Craig faces up to five years in prison for each other charges.

The charges reportedly stem from the federal investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election led by special counsel Robert Mueller, which came to a formal end last month.

Craig is charged with lying to investigators about the nature of the work that his law firm, Skadden Arps, was doing for the Ukrainian government in 2012.

Consider Craig a mere morsel in this culinary outing. Mueller needed somebody to rationalize what he did to destroy the lives of General Flynn and Paul Manafort. But that subterfuge did nothing to throw the scent off on the real investigation to come.

And as AG Barr suggested in the Congressional hearing on budget, the real investigation begins now.

Sadly for Democrats, the indictment of Craig means nothing. Americans know how deep the DC swamp is. Getting to Craig creates little hoopla. So until we get a real skin on the wall, they can offer up as many patsies as they wish.

And that’s why high-level Democrats find themselves in a real pickle. They can’t kill everybody in the food chain, though that doesn’t provide comfort for many of them.

You can bet that people like Peter Strzok and Lisa Page constantly look out their blinds. Those two and many others know bad people watch them everywhere. My bet is they never look from the same spot on the blinds twice…just in case.

Many other Democrats executed their bugout plans, “go bags” at the ready. And this didn’t happen post-Mueller Report, but pre-Mueller Report.

If you looked at the search history on the computers a lot of Democrats related to this matter, you would find “no extradition” as a key search.

Big name Democrats will fall this year. Then more will fall, leading into the election. At this point the Democrats did all they can do in their failed coup attempt. Thus, the mop up operation begins.

Sure, Democrats will put a strong face publicly. However, behind the scenes, they sweat like Mike Tyson in a spelling bee.

Remember Obama’s declaration of no scandals during his administration? Know that Obama will be served a helping of crow soon.




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